EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt and Paul Chuckle went on a boozy holiday to Spain

EastEnders actor Adam Woodyatt went on a booze-filled trip to Spain with Paul Chuckle, and we’ve never seen anything so British.

While Paul might not be able to remember much of what happened, the pictures he shared on Twitter showed they had a hell of a time.

Paul and Adam joined their wives and friends in the Costa Del Sol for a special birthday weekend.

The pair let their hair down on the trip, probably a bit too much as Paul hinted on Twitter.

Replying to a friend who posted about their ‘fab’ holiday, the Chucklevision star replied: ‘Certainly was, what I can remember of it’ along with three drink emojis.

He also posted a jokey picture of himself and Adam, with the Ian Beale star leaning in for a peck on the cheek.

Paul captioned the photo with his classic Chuckle Brother catchphrase: ‘Oh dear oh dear’.

Other photos showed the group taking in the sights, raising a glass at a party in the evening and sitting down for a group dinner.

Adam tweeted his pal: ‘What a weekend’ with Paul replying with a string of drink and wine glass emojis.

In one group shot, Paul and Adam got truly into the holiday spirit with brightly coloured tropical shirts.

At least the actor is having a better time than his on screen counterpart Ian, who will soon have to deal with the fallout of his son Bobby Beale returning to Albert Square.

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