EastEnders star teases shocking new arrival for Pansear family – turning Ash and Suki's 'toxic' relationship upside down

EASTENDERS star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha has teased a shocking new arrival for the Pansear family – which will turn her character Ash Kaur and Suki's "toxic" relationship upside down.

The actress – who plays the doctor in the popular BBC soap – recently lifted the lid on what viewers can expect to happen between the pair in coming months.

Since arriving in the Square last year, Ash has made it very clear that she doesn't want anything to do with her family's misdemeanours.

Her relationship with her mum and brothers – Kheerat, Jagvir and Vinny – is at an all time low because of their crimes, but it looks like her dad could be back to save the day pretty soon.

During a recent chat with Inside Soap, Gurlaine admitted that she'd love Ash's dad to make a return after his stint in prison so she could build on their relationship.

She told the publication: "Ash's relationship with Suki is toxic, so it would be nice if it turned out that she and her dad have a loving relationship, and she's a daddy's girl."

However the actress didn't want to give too much away and teased: "I am beyond excited. If viewers only knew, they'd think, 'No way!'"

One thing she could touch upon was about how the soap will continue to explore the mother daughter duo's relationship, and she even went on to draw parallels between them both.

She added: "Ash wants to be a strong person and the complete opposite of her mum, who she thinks is evil – however, is Ash more like Suki than she wants to admit?

"I've loved bringing out the fiery side of Ash."

But at the moment Ash's concerns lie with Sonya's welfare as she continues to work on the Covid ward in the hospital.

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