EastEnders Theo star William Ellis called names in public as Stacey drama heats up

EastEnders actor William Ellis, who plays stalker Theo Hawthorne on the soap, has been subject to name calling in public, as his character continues to torment Stacey Slater.

Theo has been stalking Stacey for months after he found her on an adult subscription website.

The truth came out, meaning Stacey cut all contact with him, but he has since moved next door to her.

Things are set to step up this week, as Theo continues to make Stacey's life a misery.

It appears that Theo has been angering the viewers at home, as when William is out and about, he is facing abuse, with one group of lads branding him a "nonce."

In an interview with The Sun, the 43 year old recalled the "sometimes quite harsh" reaction that he gets when he is in public.

The actor told them: "I was on a flight to Ibiza six weeks ago when the storyline kicked in as Theo might be grooming Lillia (actress Lillia Turner, aka Lily Slater,) and I was flying on my own."

Before adding: "In very good humour, I was called a 'nonce' by various stag parties and hen parties behind me."

Despite their opinions, William took the exchange as a "real bonus" he said.

He explained: "People are talking about the show, there was no bad feeling, but it just meant that you're part of something so big and part of a show that is so canonised."

This week, viewers will watch as Billy Mitchell receives some raunchy pictures from 'Stacey.'

However, Martin Fowler quickly realises that the photos haven't come from Stacey – it is Theo pretending to be her.

The latest move from Theo leaves Stacey mortified, and as a result, Martin loses it with Theo and goes after him, banging on his front door and making threats.

Theo is standing for none of it, as he says that he will phone the police on Martin if he continues with his behaviour, leaving Stacey reeling.

As the week continues, Martin and Kat Slater rally around Stacey as she is at a loss for how to deal with Theo.

It soon dawns on Stacey that she may need to call on the Walford community to help her if she is to bring Theo down.

Next week, things take a shocking turn as Theo breaks into Stacey's home when she is alone, and as things take a turn, a major incident unfolds.

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