Easter eggs you missed in Toy Story – horror film tribute to real-life location

When Toy Story was released back in 1995, kids all over the globe quickly fell in love with the story’s character’s which cemented the Pixar universe in movie history.

Decades later, the fictional world has expanded through multiple sequels which viewers have continued to grow up with.

Something that Pixar has always been great at is adding secret easter eggs into their movies, some that hint at future stories, nods to the past or cameo appearances from one-off characters.

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And the Toy Story franchise is no different, with the Pizza Plant truck and the A113 sign making regular appearances throughout the four films.

But there are others that won’t be spotted until fans view the nostalgic movie for the second time, with some that completely fly above the radar to this day.

Now, Daily Star has taken a deep dive inside some of the less obvious Easter eggs that have continued to baffle fans to this day.

Let’s take a peek …

Disney and Pixar nod

When it comes to Disney, it’s fair to say that their most iconic character is Mickey Mouse no matter how many great movies get made.

Because of that, the cheeky little chap often makes a cameo appearance in many of the classic animations and Pixar movies.

It appears as though that was the case with the original Toy Story movie too after eagle-eyed viewers spotted the loveable mouse featured in the film when re-watching the childhood movie.

During one scene of all the toys on the bed, viewers will see the furry friend in a bright blue wrist-watch clock which was hung up on the wall.

But that’s not all, after another fan-favourite fictional character was spotted during Toy Story 2, from one of the greatest scenes – Barbie's tour.

As Buzz ran around Al’s Toy Barn, many viewers missed the secret Easter eggs hidden around the shop which included Flik and Dim from A Bug’s Life being proudly showcased on the shelves.

In the third movie, viewers couldn’t help but point out the hidden Cars reference after they noticed one of the children in the day care centre donned a nostalgic top.

The little boy could be seen wearing a red and white T-shirt which had the number 95 and a lightning bolt underneath – the same number and symbol that Lightning McQueen has on his car in the movies.

Horror references

But not every Easter egg in the Toy Story franchise is linked to previous Pixar or Disney movies, and one example of that can be found in the first Toy Story movie as Buzz and Woody try to escape Sid’s house.

In the scene, the pair can be seen tiptoeing around the heavily patterned carpet as they concoct a plan to leave the building without being spotted by Sid or his terrifying dog.

After watching back the beloved film, observant fans spotted the hidden Easter eggs was actually a link to the hugely popular 1980’s horror movie, The Shining.

This was clearly used to showcase how evil Sid’s character is and hints at his mistreatment of toys in his bedroom.

Another Shining reference that can be spotted throughout the first three movies is the recurring number 234 – the number of the haunted hotel room in the classic Jack Nicholson movie.

One example of this can be seen on the registration plate on the back of the bin truck that Sid is seen operating as a bin man in the flash-forward scene.

Hidden locations

One Easter egg, which is particularly well hidden, takes place in Toy Story 2 when the toys back home and work out how to rescue Woody.

In the collaborative scene, the team used an Etch-a-Sketch to draw up a map that showed them the way to Al’s Toy Barn where the loveable cowboy was being held captive.

But what many fans didn’t know was the cryptic map actually provides the location to Pixar’s Animation Studios in the heart of California.

Although many viewers believed the address to be made up, the map itself shows fans of the franchise how to visit the studio disguised as the barn – which is 1001 West Cutting Boulevard.

And this isn’t the first time the animation team have hidden subtle locations in the movie franchise, after fans spotted a curious-looking map posted up on Andy’s bedroom wall in the third movie.

On the map were several black dots which were dotted all over the globe which is understood to correspond to the hometowns of a number of the production team who worked on the show.

Short books

Aside from producing timeless children's movie classics, Pixar also regularly produce impressive short movies, which fans thoroughly enjoy year on year.

During the original Toy Story, animators paid tribute to some of the earliest movies by slipping them into the film through the titles of books.

During the final leg of the film, the loveable cowboy stands on a plastic toy box and delivers a touching speech through a plastic microphone.

Behind him can be seen a large bookshelf with a number of colourful books which share a sweet link to some of Pixar's earliest work.


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