Emmerdale fans confused after spotting Dawn paint blunder amid Jamie romance

Emmerdale's Dawn Taylor and Jamie Tate sent sparks flying on Wednesday evening, as they flirted over a tin of paint.

Hoping to get to know each other better, Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) invited himself into the house, offering to help the single mum with her painting for the day.

However, viewers watching from home were more preoccupied with the location of the paint tin, which had been set up on a table in the garden.

Dawn, played by Olivia Bromley, was painting her son Lucas' bedroom, hoping for his return, but decided to keep the tin outdoors.

Many were baffled by the move, as they pointed out Dawn would have to traipse in and out each time she wanted to top up her brush.

Taking to Twitter, viewers were confused by Dawn's decision to leave the tin outside the house, debating the logic behind the move.

One said: "What is Dawn actually painting apart from herself?? And why leave the paint outside to get one brush dip at a time."

"Ah yes I often keep the tin of paint in the garden when I'm painting a bedroom so I have to go back and forth to get more paint on my brush," a second chimed.

And a third, confused by the amount of paint on their clothes, remarked: "Did they paint the room or themselves."

Later, Jamie and Dawn emerged from the house, their clothes and faces speckled with shades of red and blue acrylic.

Having successfully redecorated little Lucas' room, Jamie headed off – but not before making his feelings for Dawn clear.

Pleading with her to give their relationship a chance, he said: "It might actually be okay."

Dawn was quick to point out he was her employer, replying: "Well you're still my boss."

"Well, you're fired! How about that," Jamie chimed back, determined to win her over.

And, as Jamie walked away, it appeared his charms had the desired effect, as Dawn shouted: "I think you're wrong. I think it would be more than okay."

Are Dawn and Jamie set to become Emmerdale's newest love story?

Unfortunately, it appears Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) might nip their romance in the bud, having learned she is expecting Jamie's baby after their one-night-stand.

She tried to break the news to him this evening, but Jamie immediately dismissed her, his cruel streak coming to the surface.

When Gabby asked to speak with him, he chided: "Desperate is a really ugly look, Gabby. You were a mistake. A stupid drunken mistake."

What will happen when he learns Gabby is expecting?

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra helping on Thursdays at 8pm.

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