Emmerdale fans say its not your fault to Rhona following shock death

Emmerdale fans were left in shock as a major character met their end, leaving Rhona Goskirk, played by Zoe Henry, heartbroken.

Rhona has been at the centre of a big storyline on the ITV soap, caring for her husband Marlon Dingle who's recovering from a stroke and dealing with her ex Gus' return.

Gus dropped a bombshell earlier this year when he revealed that he still had their frozen embryos, which Rhona thought were destroyed. He wanted to use them with his new partner Lucy, who was desperate for a baby.

Recently, Gus returned to the village and it was revealed that he stole Rhona's passport to access the embryos they stored years ago. Rhona was horrified to learn that Lucy was pregnant with one of these embryos, making the baby biologically hers and Gus'.

When Gus didn't show up for a meeting they had arranged, she went to his house hoping to confront him.

Marlon and Mary were worried sick at the pub, not knowing where she was. But then, she called them to say she was on her way to the hospital with Gus and Lucy because she had started having contractions. Marlon quickly rushed over to be with her, clearly worried about how she was handling everything. He was shocked when he found out that Lucy had given birth early.

While the baby was in intensive care, Gus shared that Lucy had been rushed into surgery. Rhona thought it might be because the stress of giving birth had caused a tear, but then they all received the devastating news that Lucy had passed away.

Gus explained to Rhona and Marlon what happened before he yelled: "Why are you even here? You're the reason she went into labour… You hounded us anyway. It was you, all your fault. She wasn't meant to have the baby. She wasn't ready. You killed her."

Fans took to X, formally known as Twitter, to express their thoughts on the episode as one person said: "Rhona it isn't your fault. Don't blame yourself. You didn't kill her #Emmerdale", while another added: "Rhona, my friend, did you forget Gus didn't turn up to the meeting and that you caught them looking like they were making a run for it?"

A third said: "No Gus you’re wrong, Rhona didn’t kill Lucy", while another added: "This has to be the cruellest storyline ever. Poor Rhona".

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