Emmerdale Gabby leaves fans worried as her baby bump hasnt grown for months

Emmerdale fans have taken to social media, after being left confused by the size of Gabby's baby bump in tonight's episodes of the ITV soap.

During the episode, it was revealed that Gabby was five weeks away from her due date.

However, viewers took to social media to share their confusion over the size of Gabby's baby bump, with one saying "Gabby doesn't exactly look like she's 5 weeks from giving birth," while another said "Gabby barely looks pregnant."

"Gabby can't be pregnant she ain't even that big. She should be due or at least past her due date by now," said one viewer on social media."

Another said, "this girl has been pregnant for well over a year now and hasn’t grown since she was 6 months," said another viewer.

However, one viewer on social media commented that Gabby's baby bump had "gotten bigger in a single day."

Gabby fell pregnant by Jamie Tate following a one night stand, and tonight's episodes saw Gabby plan to run away to get married to Jamie.

Gabby and Jamie had planned to get married, so that they could access funds from Jamie's mum's bank account.

However, during the first episode of the evening, Jamie left suddenly, leaving Gabby wondering where he is.

The beginning of the second episode saw Gabby call Jamie to let him know that her Grandmother Diane Sugden had discovered their plans.

Diane and Kim Tate desperately try to find Gabby, who has already left in her car after leaving a message for Jamie to meet her.

Jamie calls Gabby back and says "see you soon", but starts to drive away from the village.

Viewers watched Grandmother Diane and Kim trying to put a stop to the marriage, pulling up to Gabby's parked car to plead with her to call off the wedding.

"Back off while you still can," said Diane, while Kim told Gabby "He'll be miles away by now" and that "he doesn't love you."

The second episode also left a cliff-hanger ending, as viewers watched Jamie's car plunge into a river after nearly colliding with another car.

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm

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