Emmerdale spoilers: Kirin Kotecha returns and blackmails Charity Dingle for son Johnny's adoption

KIRIN Kotecha returns to Emmerdale village next week and orders Charity Dingle to give him a sum of money – or he’ll stop her adopting Johnny. 

Charity has been searching for Johnny's dad Kirin – who is on the run in America after mowing down Tess Harris in a car accident – for weeks on the ITV soap.

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Charity and Vanessa were overjoyed when they finally decided that Charity would adopt Johnny in the wake of Vanessa’s bowel cancer diagnosis.

But in typical soap fashion, not all went smoothly as the couple realised they needed Johnny’s father Kirin’s permission to get the green light.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Charity explain to Priya that Kirin’s presence would only complicate the adoption process. 

But viewers will see someone watching Charity and Priya’s discussion from afar.

Later, outside Holdgate, Priya is stunned when Kirin approaches and asks for money. 

But Priya warns that she’ll call the police if he doesn’t leave. 

When Priya is bothered by Kirin again later, she tells him Charity is adopting Johnny after he asks to see his son.

Kirin is left reeling from Priya’s revelation and announces that he won’t allow the adoption to go ahead. 

Later, Charity explains to Tracy that she’s passed all of the background checks for the adoption process.

But her good mood is short-lived when Kirin rocks up and demands a large sum of money – or he’ll stop her adopting Johnny.

Later, Charity hands Kirin the money and tells him about Vanessa’s cancer diagnosis. 

But Kirin is more bothered by the fact that Charity hasn’t given him the total sum he asked for, and demands the full amount by the following night.

Later, Paddy seems set on phoning the police, but Charity begs him not to.

Paddy finally backs off and lets Charity access the safe so she can get more money to pay Kirin off. 

But it all kicks off when Charity’s money is still far lower than the amount Kirin asked for – again – and things quickly turn nasty between the pair. 

They’re both stopped in their tracks, however, when Tracy rocks up along with the police.

Might Charity be in trouble?

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