Emmerdale star Emma Atkins reveals 'wild' Charity's revenge on Mack

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) were never going to keep their secret forever in Emmerdale.

Following baby Reuben’s birth, Mackenzie knew he wouldn’t have long with Charity (Emma Atkins) until everything changed and the truth was revealed.

And given that this is Charity we’re talking about, Mack has no doubt had sleepless nights over just how she would get revenge after discovering her husband has been lying to her for months.

So, how will Charity react? Could we see the Charity of old return once she learns of Mackenzie’s devastating betrayal?

Emma Atkins certainly hopes so.

‘I do like a bit of the old Wild Charity, it’s good to play. I’m just waiting for the next bloody wig they stick me into. I’m like the wig woman!’.

‘She is kind of a wounded human’, Emma said, reflecting on Charity’s difficult past relationships.

‘I think she needs to sort herself out first before she maybe latches on to anyone in the future. Potentially she is a one-woman band.’

When the truth is exposed, where does that leave Mack? Joining Emma for the chat was Lawrence, who said:

‘Initially he definitely wants to be with Charity. He loves Charity and wouldn’t have married her if he didn’t. Initially his priority would be to try and get Charity back, but he very quickly realises, and rightly so, that it’s not in the cards. Poor Chloe, but he goes and helps out Chloe.

‘Obviously, he’s got a lot to deal with, with his baby being in a lot of trouble. I think that probably is what exacerbates the entire situation, and we know pushes Charity to finally find out about the entire situation. His priorities are all over the place, he’s juggling a lot of different things.

‘You’re at a crossroads with four or five different endings and it’s a horrible position to be in.’

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