Emmerdales Meena targets new victim and Leyla pregnant amid Liam split fears

It's about to become extremely tense for some Emmerdale residents this week, as Emmerdale spoilers spills the beans on what's about to go down.

Meena Jutla has been laying fairly low since she brutally murdered Leanna Cavanagh in cold blood. However things will soon change, as she lays her eyes on her next victim.

Murderous Meena soon becomes increasingly jealous of Victoria Sugden and her boyfriend David Metcalfe's close bond, but how far will she go to prevent the pair becoming too close?

Leyla Cavanagh is also in a predicament of her own when she discovers that she is expecting a baby. But although the news is good, will Liam be acceptant of his new child and how will it effect their marriage?

Meena new victim revealed

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David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden have both been struggling to find childcare for their children Harry Sugden and Theo Metcalfe and are soon squabbling over the last place at their preferred nursery.

But to add to their misery Chas Dingle awkwardly reveals that Eve has been given the last placement at the nursery leaving David and Victoria disheartened.

Due to this, David and Victoria decide to create mutual childcare between them to help each other out.

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Later on in the afternoon, girlfriend Meena Jutla arrives for a steamy afternoon with beau David, but is furious when she discovers that he is babysitting Victoria's son instead.

Trying to make sure she plays her cards right, the following day Meena calls David to offer to have his son Theo. But Meena is dejected when she notices that David ignores her phone call to continue talking to Victoria. Meena is then overtaken with rage and jealousy.

Later on, Victoria is now in charge to take care of both children. As she settles into the role, she quickly goes upstairs to check on her son Harry.

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But Meena is lurking and is aware that Victoria is not in sight of Theo. Meena creeps in through the back door and looms over Theo.

When Victoria returns downstairs, she’s mortified to discover that Theo is missing and the baby gate and back door are open.

Anxious, Victoria bursts into the garden but as she sees no sign of Theo, she begins to scream in panic.

Not long after, a search in the village ensues, but will anyone suspect that it could be Meena?

Leyla pregnant and split fears

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Leyla and Liam Cavanagh have only been married for one month but the couple's marriage has been anything but smooth sailing.

Since the death of Liam's daughter Leanna, things between Liam and Leyla have been rocky and Jacob Gallagher has also felt the effects from their relationship too.

While in the shop, Jacob tells Leyla that he is thinking about dropping his A-levels. But as he continues to discuss the matter further, Leyla appears to be distracted.

Soon after, Leyla steals a pregnancy test from the shop and places it in her bag.

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Once left alone, Leyla takes the test and is shocked to discover that she is pregnant. Lost in her thoughts, she decides to withhold her news from Liam until she finds the right time to tell him.

Not so long after, Jacob and Liam decide to heal their differences. Jacob is also happy that he now has Liam's support going forward.

Later on, Leyla feels its the right time to tell Liam about her baby news but she is stopped in her tracks when Liam tells her that he can't deal with surprises at the moment.

Meanwhile Jacob becomes increasingly worried about Leyla and tells Priya Sharma his concerns. Priya herself begins to worry about Leyla too and decides to go and check on her.

When Priya visits Leyla she is astonished when she discovers that Leyla is pregnant but she is even more suprised that Leyla hasn't told Liam yet and wants to keep it a secret.

Leyla informs Priya that she fears that her bombshell baby news could end her and Liam’s marriage.

Will Liam be able to accept the news?

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