Ex-Hollyoaks star Andy Newton Lee put into coma after pneumonia collapse

Former Hollyoaks and Casualty star Andy Newton Lee was put into a coma after he was struck down with pneumonia.

Lee admitted he had been under stress recently because of his business, flying back and forth from LA to London regularly.

He had developed a cough that had lasted almost eight weeks, and when coupled with stress after ‘burning the candle at both ends’ he became ill.

On 23 May he was found by a passerby collapsed at the wheel of his car parked near the ocean not far from his LA home.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia in hospital and put into a coma, before being woken up the following morning.

‘I’ve been really run down and stressed for a bit with my business. I’ve had a cold and the flu but I thought I was just run down,’ he explained to Hull Live.

Lee felt ‘very erratic’ when he came to on the Wednesday, but added that he feels ‘much better’.

‘It’s definitely a wake up call to anyone who has respiratory problems,’ he added.

The actor played Robbie Flynn on Hollyoaks from 2003 to 2004, and Stacey Merrick on Casualty from 2005 to 2008. He also had a role as Liam Strong on Coronation Street in 2003.

His illness and spell in hospital meant he missed the funeral of close friend Melissa Ede, a fact that left him ‘gutted’.

He plans to pay his respects to Melissa when he is released from hospital, but isn’t sure how long his recovery will take.

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