First Dates Cici Colemans body transformation – cutting caffeine not counting calories

First Dates star Cici Coleman has shown off her incredible body transformation, after deciding to cut down on caffeine and sugar.

The 36 year old, who is best known for starring as a waitress on Channel 4's First Dates, took to Instagram to share before and after pictures of her body, revealing she's lost 3kg since April.

Cici credited the "littlest things" for helping her to lose weight, including cutting out cookies and only having three coffees per week, instead of multiple per day.

"Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest changes," she began her lengthy Instagram post.

"Since April, I’ve been gradually cutting back on sugar and caffeine. I often get questions about this journey, so I wanted to share my experience. Sugar was hindering my weight loss progress after gaining a few pounds in Bali last year.

"While caffeine may not be directly tied to weight loss, it influenced my habits. Morning coffee led to a 4 p.m. energy crash, and I craved sugary snacks," Cici explained.

She went on to say she'd tried "working out more" and "cutting calories" but didn't seen any results, prompting her to consider her sugar intake and how caffeine impacts her eating habits.

Cici continued: "I tried working out more and cutting calories, but it didn’t work. Giving up cookies made a huge difference. I haven’t quit sugar altogether, but I’ve significantly reduced it. I used to have 2-3 coffees daily, now it’s only 3 a week.

"I’ve swapped out ‘Taste the Difference’ cookies for mindful sweet treats. Unexpectedly, reducing caffeine also helped with my social anxiety. I hadn’t realised the connection until I cut back. If you’re struggling with weight loss, consider your sugar intake."

Cici showed off her new physique in a pink bikini, with her fans flocking to compliment her. One person penned: "Look fab cici, great you worked it out! 3kg is great work too x".

A second said: "You look amazing," while a third simply wrote: "Wow," with a fire emoji.

Cici, who has starred on First Dates since 2013, works as an online fitness coach alongside her TV job, and regularly shares tips and tricks on social media with her fans, as well as inspiring posts about fitness.

She also hosts the First Dates podcast alongside Loose Women panellist Frankie Bridge, where the pair talking all things dating including their own relationships and love lives.

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