'Fraiser': How Much Money Did Niles' Wife, Maris, Really Have?

Maris Crane was a minor character throughout Frasier,so small in fact, that her part was never actually cast, and, after 11 seasons,an actual physical embodiment of Maris is never seen. Nevertheless, fans havelong yearned for more information about her, specifically about her mysteriousbackground and where her apparent fortune came from. While fans will never getto see the physical manifestation of Maris, we can, at the very least,hypothesize about her money.

Maris is from family money

From the very start of Frasier, fans are made keenlyaware that the marriage between NilesCrane and his wife, Maris, is distant. She never shows up at events, and itappears as though Niles does pretty much everything solo. What fans didn’t knowat the start of the series was just how little Niles actually knew about Marisand her family.  It becomes apparent justhow distant their relationship was when Niles visits a divorce lawyer and finally,after many years of marriage, finds out where Maris’ money really came from.

Maris, apparently, had told Niles that her family’s fortune was made in timber, but Donny Douglas, the lawyer who goes on to woo Daphne, finds out the family’s money was actually made in urinal cakes. Terrified that news would get out, Maris agrees to give Niles a hefty settlement, the only thing she requires in return is his silence. Silence is exactly what she gets, but just how much money did Maris’ family really have?

There are several hints that Maris’ family are likely billionaires

It’s hard to ascertain just how much money a group of peoplecould make in the urinal cake trade. After all, it’s not a product that manypeople think about, but what we do know is that Maris’ family is believed tohave a ton of money, and there are several hints throughout the series that thefamily is likely sitting on a fortune worth billions.

Maris’ father allegedly got her out of many run-ins with thelaw, and in later seasons, fans find out that Maris murders her abusiveboyfriend, but absconds to her family’s private island where she can not beextradited. According to CNNMoney, a private island can cost between $100,000 and $5 million. Islandson the lower end of the price range, however, are going to be primitive. Marisis known to be fussy, so one can assume her island paradise is well appointed. Appointinga remote island for creature comforts can be expensive, too.

Maris’ home, which is featured in the early seasons of Frasier,is ostentatious. Not only does Maris have her own deprivation chamber, but shealso has a full staff of workers who keep the home running. Niles even suggestedhe needed help to slam one of the home’s massive, wooden doors. We are nevertold just how big the house is, but one can assume it was an estate, completewith a guarded entrance. A home like that in the Seattle area would go for millions.Currently, the most expensive home in the Seattle area is a waterfront mansionlisted for $45 million, according to BusinessInsider.

Will Frasier fans ever learn more about Maris?

While a Frasier reboot could be happening, it’s unlikelythat fans will ever get to learn more about Niles’ mysterious ex-wife. While KelseyGrammer has been open about his desire to reassemble the original cast of Frasier,it doesn’t seem like Maris will play into the narrative. Also missing will be MartyCrane, Frasier and Niles’ father. The actor who portrayed Marty, JohnMahoney, died in February 2018.  

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Presumably, Niles is still married to Daphne, the object ofhis obsession. Fans know they had at least one child together, so there is likelyno need to take a deep dive so far into Niles’ past. Maris will stay just asmysterious as she ever was, and that’s probably a good thing. Maris’ backgroundwas a unique element in the series, and revealing more about her would ruin themagic.

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