Gino DAcampo blames Gordon Ramsay as ITV show halts filming Too busy

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Gino is dragged around pen by a reindeer

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The ITV cooking and travel programme follows the trio as they try different culinary delights from across the world. However, in view of his 1.8million followers, Gino claimed the trio would no longer be filming together for the moment.

The Italian chef, who shared a snap of himself sleeping alongside Fred, couldn’t resist in poking fun at Gordan in the process.

The 45-year-old penned: “Breaking News…

“Unfortunately we will no longer be filming #GordonGinoandFred mainly because @gordongram is too busy working on his hair highlights in the USA.”

“But don’t worry guys, @fred_sirieix and I have a plan #JustinGinoandFred Coming soon…….GDx,” Gino concluded.

Gino’s followers were quick to comment on his post, with many expressing their disappointment regarding the news.

Samantha wrote: “Ahhh very sad!!! Gordon….. sort your life out, mate!

“Haha, but on a serious note everybody has a path and Gordon is following the path that he thinks is right for him at the moment.

“He will be missed because he is like a parent to you two!” (sic)

Tony penned: “Won’t be the same without Gordon. The competitive banter and practical jokes between all 3, especially the friendly friction between Gordon and yourself is what made them fun.” (sic)

While Laura tweeted: “What??? Nooooo!!! This was such a great combination.”

“Gonna miss Gordon but it’ll be brilliant just the two of you!! Looking forward to seeing this,” Ruth commented.

Other fans came up with their own suggestions of who could replace Gordon on the road trip, and many thought James Martin would be the perfect match.

“Gino why not take @jamesmartinchef with you, think he would be a great replacement,” Jim suggested.

While Arthur simply replied: “1000 times yes.”

Following Gino’s tweet, a spokesperson for ITV confirmed the show has not been cancelled.

They told “Making a show that involves international travel during this period with the knock-on effect of Covid-19 restrictions has been challenging, but Gordon, Gino and Fred has not been cancelled.”

Gino recently opened up in an interview where he claimed his, Fred and Gordon’s TV days would come to an end because they’re “too old”.

“We are three overgrown teenagers going around the world,” he told the Daily Star.

“The biggest complaint is we only do four to six shows a year, but what people don’t understand is we are not 20 years old anymore.

“All the drinking, partying… we are not the Rolling Stones either, kicking around forever.”

The friends first set off together in 2018 for ITV’s Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip.

Their second series Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Road Trip aired last year.

The most recent series saw the trio take turns to drive their RV around the Greek islands of Athens.

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