GMB fans left cringing as Ranvir and Charlotte make FOUR awkward blunders in painful interview with Game of Thrones icon

GOOD Morning Britain fans were left cringing today as hosts Ranvir Singh and Charlotte Hawkins made FOUR awkward blunders in a "painful" interview with Game of Thrones legend Iwan Rheon.

The 36-year-old star, who played evil Ramsay Bolton in the fantasy series, was on the breakfast show to promote his new film, The Toll.

However, viewers at home were unimpressed as almost every question that he was asked proved to be incorrect.

Ranvir enquired about Iwan's love for music, asking him about a concert this weekend with his band.

The actor politely corrected: "It was just me… It was on Sunday, it has happened. But it's just me on my own, playing some songs I've written."

Moving on from the gaffe, Charlotte added: "I read you even wanted to do Eurovision!", to which a bewildered Iwan replied: "Did I?? I don't know about that, I think I'd remember…"

As the interview drew to an end, Charlotte then gushed: "I understand, you've got a little one, haven't you? Is it their birthday today? You may well be celebrating in your house, is that right?"

Iwan awkwardly told her: "Erm… It was a couple of… It was the 14th, so yeah, last weekend…"

Good Morning Britain viewers were stunned by the entire interview, flocking to Twitter to share their reaction – and calling to "sack the researcher".

One wrote: "Omg how many wrong facts can you read about someone?!? He should have turned his laptop off! How awkward."

Another added: "Wow @GMB you proper ballsed that interview up. Are you using work experience researchers?!"

A third agreed: "That was painful to watch… Do your research!"

One more echoed: "What an embarrassing interview @GMB, had they done no research? Awful presenters."

Omg how many wrong facts can you read about someone?!?

Another tweeted: "#GMB pulling out all the incorrect facts about Iwan this morning."

A sixth mused: "That was the most awkward interview I think I’ve ever seen."

Iwan shot to fame in 2009 as Simon Bellamy in his breakout role in E4 series Misfits.

He joined Game of Thrones in 2013 as one of the series' most infamous villains, with his character killed off three years later.

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