GMB's Alastair Campbell slams 'defensive' Susanna Reid & she calls him 'rude' as they argue over what to call Tony Blair

GOOD Morning Britain's Alastair Campbell slammed "defensive" Susanna Reid as they argued over what to call former Prime Minister Tony Blair on today's instalment of the breakfast show.

Susanna, 50, appeared to brand him "rude" as she made a "private school" joke in the early-morning row.

Kicking off the show, the TV favourite revealed that Blair would be on the show later on, going on to remark: "Am I allowed to call Tony Blair Tony, or will I be accused of treating him like my favourite puppy?"

Susanna was referencing yesterday's show, which saw John Bercow slam her for referring to Boris Johnson as "Boris".

As Alastair began to offer guidance, unimpressed Susanna replied that she will "write down the rules", to which her co-host snapped: "They're not rules, they're common sense – as Boris Johnson would say!"

Susanna hit back: "Don't you think that calling people by their surname is a little bit… Kind of rude? I wouldn't call you Campbell."

Alastair retorted: "Headlines do. I'd say Johnson… Call him Blair, just call him Blair."

The shocked presenter exclaimed: "To his face?!"

Turning to showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold, she went on: "I think calling people by their surnames is rude – Arnold, don't you think?"

He joked back: "I find it rude, I always go with 'ello darling' whoever it is."

Susanna replied: "Calling them by their surnames is very private school, isn't it?"

Alastair argued: "No, the point I've been making is we call Tony 'Tony' as he's quite an informal guy; the Prime Minister, it should reflect who and what they are and Boris has calculated the press very cleverly…"

Susanna rolled her eyes, retorting: "I did not get a call from Boris Johnson saying: 'Call me Boris'," to which her co-star snapped: "Don't get defensive about it!"

As the pair continued bickering, Richard giggled: "Day three and it's going very well for you two, isn't it?"

Alastair has been guest presenting Good Morning Britain this week after Piers Morgan sensationally quit the show in March as he refused to apologise for shock comments made about Meghan Markle.

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