Gogglebox fans worried over missing star as family poke fun at absence

The Siddiqui family poked fun at their dad's absence on Gogglebox after fans rushed to share their concern.

Regulars Sid, Baasit, Raza and Umar usually grace our screens, but Sid was notably missing this week, causing viewers to voice their concerns on social media. Worried for his whereabouts, fans quickly headed online to question where he was.

One user wrote: "Where is Mr Siddiqui???" while another asked: "Where's daddy Siddiqui on #Gogglebox?" The brothers soon made light of their dad's absence, jokingly comparing him to a gangster or assassin while watching Culprits.

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They cheekily said: "Do you know anyone who has just appeared out of nowhere near like yeah he's got to be a gangster or an assassin. They've got a vibe innit?" While another quickly hit back: "Where is dad anyway?" as they all laughed.

Despite Sid's absence from this week's episode, there's one family member who never appears on the show – his wife Nasreen. Married to Sid for over 40 years, Nasreen has chosen not to be on the show, although she did once feature in a sweet family Instagram post with her sons and Sid.

During his time on the show, it looks like Sid has become friends with fellow Goggleboxer Dave who regularly interacts with him online. On one occasion, Sid shared a snap of his garden on Instagram in 2021, captioning it: "Love this time of year in my garden #tranquil." Fellow Goggleboxer, Dave Griffiths, complimented the photo, saying: "Gardens lovely Sid, must be a pleasure to sit outside."

Sid responded to Dave's compliment by retweeting the message and adding: "Thank you Dave, Shirley, Mrs S and I love spending time in the garden love to see plants and flowers blooming I think the weather lately has helped a lot."

Dave later posted a picture of himself looking different with a goatee, thanks to an app filter. He tweeted: "I feel like a fraud, what I meant was shaving my head it's an app that shows what you would look like bald, they just throw the goatee in for fun, the funny thing is you all think I'm already bald #Gogglebox… great."

Sid replied to Dave's tweet, suggesting: "That's good advice, shave your head and grow a beard, I am going to do that when my hair falls out soon." He added humorously: "I guess if you grow your beard long enough you could train it to sit on top of your head like a hair bun."

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