Googlebox's Sophie Sandiford breaks down in tears over 'awful' second lockdown – and viewers are left sobbing too

GOGGLEBOX star Sophie Sandiford broke down in tears on the Channel 4 show tonight after a second national lockdown was announced

The 24-year-old favourite, who appears in the series with her brother Pete, cried as they watched PM Boris Johnson outline the new measures.

The PM ordered the country to "stay at home" for four weeks starting yesterday in a fresh effort to "protect the NHS and save lives".

Noticing his sister wiping away a tear, 26-year-old Pete asked Sophie: "Are you all right?"

She replied, with her voice breaking: "It's just sad, innit, it's just s**t for everybody.

"It just gets even worse and more people are going to lose their jobs and things like that. It's just awful."

He told her: "Don't be upset kid. No, because you'll set me off."

Viewers at home were emotional too, with one writing: "So true, was really moving, summed up mood/feelings of entire country and beyond."

Another tweeted: "Seeing someone like Sophie who’s always funny and happy cry about the state of the country does hit home about how utterly s**t things are at the moment."

A third wrote: "I think every single person can relate to Sophie’s emotions on #Gogglebox tonight."

Another posted: "So Sophie on @C4Gogglebox has just made me feel sad and like I wanted to give her a massive hug – you speak for many of us hun xxx."

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