Happy Valley kitchen clue confirms location of Tommys final attack

Happy Valley: BBC releases trailer for thrilling season finale

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Keen fans have been analysing the short teaser clip, which was released on Tuesday, to try to work out what might happen in the final, highly-anticipated episode. The BBC trailer has indicated where evil Tommy Lee Royce (played by James Norton) might track down Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) for their last showdown, with one part showing him breaking into her kitchen. It seems likely that Happy Valley’s last confrontation between the violent psychopath and the resilient police officer will take place there – but what could happen?

The preview shows various scenes of the remaining episode, with a police officer’s voice asking Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah): “When was the last time you had any contact with Tommy Lee Royce?”

Catherine’s sister Clare Cartwright (Siobhan Finneran) is seen turning around from the kitchen sink to ask: “Have you caught him?”

Catherine is then at the police station where she works before the next scene cuts to Tommy breaking into her kitchen.

“He’s gonna be angry and he’s gonna be even more desperate and dangerous,” Catherine’s voice explains.

The police force where Catherine works can be seen hurrying in a big group to leave in response to a call before Tommy is seen covered in blood.

The trailer ends with Catherine outside, breaking down in tears.

With the teaser confirming Tommy does break into Catherine’s kitchen, it seems he is definitely going to run into one of the family members, and they will likely be in grave danger.

Could Tommy and Catherine’s final exchange happen in her own home?

The grieving mother has been beaten almost to death by Tommy in the past, and he has made clear since escaping prison he is still out for revenge.

The penultimate episode saw him revealing his plans to get his hands on a gun and kill Catherine before he flees with Ryan.

With scenes yet to air indicating the dangerous escaped criminal seems to get to Catherine’s house and break into the kitchen, fans will definitely be watching at the edge of their seats.

Perhaps Catherine will be attacked by Tommy again but manage to call her team to assist her, who flee from the station to help.

It could be that Catherine manages to get away, but what causes her to break down, heartbroken?

Tommy might decide to flee the police and try to hurt Catherine in the worst possible way – by killing Ryan.

Although he is hoping to run away with the schoolboy, it’s clear Ryan ends up talking to officers about Tommy’s communications with him.

Stung by Ryan’s betrayal and wanting to ruin Catherine’s life for good, Tommy might end up killing the teenager.

This would also explain how Tommy ends up with blood all over him.

Perhaps Catherine discovers a lifeless Ryan at the scene of the crime and sobs as she takes in her worst nightmare.

Will Tommy manage to get this ultimate revenge? The preview seems to suggest the popular drama is going to end in tragedy.

Happy Valley concludes on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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