Hollyoaks’ explosive new trailer reveals stabbing, Jamie Lomas and Lucy Jo Hudson’s return and the end of Breda McQueen – The Sun

2020 is set to be a dramatic New Year for Hollyoaks residents – and fans can't wait.

A new trailer has revealed old faces returning, a shock stabbing, Mercedes' shooter revealed and the storyline about serial killer Breda McQueen finally coming to an end.

Teasing the upcoming scenes on social media, the Hollyoaks account said: "Let’s start the new year off with a BANG! Check out what's coming your way this new year in #Hollyoaks… #HollyoaksNewYearTrailer #HollyoaksLater."

The video is narrated by returning actor Jamie Lomas, whose character Warren Fox tells the story of a big bad wolf.

"What big eyes you have, all the better to see you with," he said as he puts on black leather gloves. He then adds menacingly: "What big hands you have…. all the better to grab you with."

Here we look at the key moments ahead for Hollyoaks fans.

The end of Breda McQueen

HOLLYOAKS Later is set to expose Breda McQueen's grisly end and finally reveal what happens to Mercedes and Tony.

In the teaser clip she tells captive Mercedes: "You have stuck your nose in for the last time."

Mercedes is then seen cradling a dying Tony, screaming: "Tony! Please no!"

Things take a dark twist when a blazing fire is started with Breda shouting: "We shall wake up together in heaven#s glorious light".

A huge explosion is heard, but viewers will have to wait to find out who survives.

Old faces return

EVIL Warren Fox is making a comeback to the village with his twins Sebastian and Sophie.

Appearing to have become unhinged, Warren starts stalking his ex Sienna who then threatens to finally fight back against Warren.

She says: "I am going to take back my children and show Warren Fox what it feels like to lose everything."

Meanwhile Lucy-Jo Hudson's character Donna-Marie is back.

Although she looks delighted to be reunited with her daughter Juliet, James is terrified that Donna-Marie will spill his secrets.

He warns: "Juliet can’t eve know the things I’ve done. They need to stay in the past."

Nancy brutally stabbed

NANCY will become the victime of a brutal stabbing at Hollyoaks High after trying to break up a playground fight.

As Sid and Imran scuffle outside of class, Nancy intervenes before collapsing to the floor.

Rushing to help while child onlookers start recording on their phones, John Paul shouts that Nancy has been stabbed.

Mercedes' shooter revealed

JAMES is overheard saying he wants to turn himself into police because he is struggling to cope with his guilt of shooting Mercedes.

Grace refuses to let him and tells him to never speak of it again.

But it's too late because Jesse has heard the whole thing – what will he do?

Edward and Dianne are caught kissing

EDWARD and Tony's wife Dianne are caught kissing by his daughter Verity who has unexpectedly arrived in Hollyoaks.

She promises to keep their "sordid" secret ahead but viewers have been convinced she will sleep with her husband's father while he's being held captive.

Tony, played by Nick Pickard, was kidnapped at the end of the summer by Breda and continues to be kept on the pig farm, despite briefly escaping during stunt week.

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