Home and Aways Mia baby loss hint as Dean star confirms devastating news

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Home and Away star Paddy O'Connor has teased some "devastating" effects of an "intense" car crash next week.

Paddy, who plays Dean Thompson in the Australian soap, hinted that pregnant Mia Anderson will be particularly impacted by the collision, with Nikau Parata also suffering a long recovery process after getting caught in the fray.

It comes as Nikau is picked up by Dean and Mia, travelling through the country together before a rogue roo steps out in the road in front of them.

Dean swerves to miss the animal, but the car launches off a steep hill and rolls off into an embankment, throwing Nikau out of the vehicle before it finally comes to a halt on the edge of a cliff.

Speaking to Daily Star about the "devastating" effects the crash will have on Summer Bay, Paddy said: "There's a really long recovery for Dean.

"The crash is, coincidentally, similar to the one Dean was in seven years ago, before he arrived in Summer Bay, he was in a pretty heavy car crash. His pelvis took a big hit, so there'll be a long recovery."

Paddy added: "It's pretty up and down for Nikau, too, for the days after the crash."

But it's Mia who could be most impacted by the incident, as Paddy explained: "There's pretty devastating news for Mia and Ari.

"The car accident they're all in together is so intense, and the car gets flipped, and when that happens your body gets put under a huge amount of stress.

"I think it'll be devastating for both of them depending on what happens post-crash."

For Dean, rehab for his injuries brings about some psychological consequences too.

Paddy explained: "When it comes to rehab, or in general when it comes to people telling Dean what to do and what's best for him, he has a really hard time just listening.

"A long-term recovery for Dean, to learn how to walk again and get that basic movement back, it's gonna be quite a process."

The star added: "I do believe he's a bit hesitant because he'll need some sort of pain relief at times, and I think he fears that in his bloodline, that doesn't work too well."

Immediately after the crash, an injured Nikau rouses – but finds it difficult to free the others from the car, and doesn't last long until he passes out.

Mia, meanwhile, tries to free herself and rescue Dean, but her own fears mean she struggles to get them both out of the car.

She uses her Girl Guide experience to cut the seatbelts off with a piece of broken glass, and ties them together to form a rope which she can secure the car in place with.

Thankfully Dr Logan Bennet arrives by helicopter and rappels down to the crash site to give Mia a once over as she raises her fears that something bad has happened to her baby.

Dean, meanwhile, has a fractured pelvis and is bleeding into his abdomen – meaning Logan is in a race against time to get him back to the hospital.

The incident does do something to fan the flame of romance flickering between Dean and his ex Ziggy, after the two shared a passionate kiss.

When Tane confronts her and ends their relationship, it's clear to the two of them that Ziggy's heart truly lies elsewhere.

But will Dean make a full recovery?

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm on Channel 5.

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