How did Bellamy die in The 100?

THE 100 is in its final season and show creators haven't held back in their plot twists.

Bellamy, a character that has been core to the show, was killed off right near the end of the season which has upset fans.

How did Bellamy die?


In the episode titled Blood Giant, Bellamy is shot and dies – for real this time.

Shockingly, Bellamy was killed by his best friend, Clarke.

What prompts this is a notebook is found which includes drawings of the future.

The drawings were done by Madi, Clarke's 'adopted' daughter.

Clarke and Bellamy start debating the notebook and what they should do with it.

Bellamy explains that Madi isn't going to be in trouble if the drawings are shared and insists it's important to make things better for everyone.

However, Clarke doesn't believe him an in a panic starts shooting Disciples and threatens to shoot Bellamy if he doesn't hand the notebook back.

Bellamy doesn't believe she would actually shoot him, so carries on, then Clarke shoots him in the chest.

She then runs out of bullets and in trying to make a getaway, doesn't even get to pick up the notebook.

This is where some fans feel Bellamy's death was unimportant to the plot and is therefore unnecessary.

Clarke was trying to protect Madi, but having not been able to get back the notebook it's not known what will happen to it.

What have show creators said about his death?

Show-runner Jason Rothenberg posted a statement as soon as the episode inwhich Bellamy died had aired.

Jason confirmed Bellamy did die, as fans were hoping it might have been a fake death as the character had experienced earlier in the season.

"For 7 seasons, The 100 has been a show about the dark things that humanity will do to survive and the toll those deeds take on our heroes' souls.

"We knew Bellamy's death had to go to the heart of what the show is all about: Survival. Who you're willing to protect. And who you're willing to sacrifice.

"His loss is devastating, but his life and his endless love for his people will loom large and affect everything that comes after, to the very end of the series finale, itself.

"We thank Bob for his beautiful work over these long years and wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

What has the reaction been?

Fans haven't been pleased, with some comparing the final season to Game of Thrones' last season which had also annoyed fans.

Many took to Twitter to express their anger, saying that his death didn't benefit the plot.

One person Tweeted: "If bellamy’s death was SUCH an important part of the show, make it a sacrifice. let him die a hero. or at LEAST let him be on good terms with the people he loves. what was the reason jason WHAT WAS THE REASON."

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