How to make Cardi B's avocado hair mask

CARDI B regularly shares her favourite hair tips and tricks on social media.

On her Instagram, she's also revealed a creamy and moisturizing DIY avocado mask she says she uses religiously on her own hair and that of daughter, Kulture. Here's how you can make it at home…

How to make Cardi B's avocado hair mask

On her Instagram story, the rapper shared how her fans can copy her hair routine at home.

In the pinned story 'Hair Day', she takes her followers through the multi step process of making a DIY hair mask – and it's likely you already have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards!

The recipe begins with mashed up avocado, blended with a generous helping of argan oil.

Cardi then adds a dollop of mayonnaise to the mix and a tiny spoonful of honey, before cracking an egg and putting that in, too.

She encourages fans to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together really well throughout the process – and urges fans to make sure no egg shell accidentally ends up in the bowl.

Cardi then adds castor and olive oil, before throwing in a second mashed avocado.

Lastly, she puts in a thoroughly mashed-up banana and another egg.

The rapper then makes sure the mixture is blended before applying it to her or baby Kulture's hair.

Cardi B's DIY recipe ingredients

There's nothing too fancy including in Cardi B's hair mask, which means it can be sourced from almost any grocery store.

This is probably down to the fact that Cardi B is a strong believer in the idea that if something is good for you, it's likely that it's going to be good for your hair, too.

Here's what to add to your shopping list…

  • Avocado (x2)
  • Eggs (x2)
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Mayonnaise
  • Banana (x1)
  • Honey

According to Cardi, the mask is a lifesaver when it comes to curl patterns, helping your hair grow and keeping your locks moisturized and soft.

Make sure to try it at home!

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