I had to break up with my boyfriend on reality TV – it was heartbreaking, says MIC star

Reality stars Inga Valentiner and Sam Prince have confirmed their split ahead of the brand-new series of Made in Chelsea: Corsica. After almost two years of dating, the pair call it quits and tease their dramatic breakup will play out on-screen next week.

“Sam and I were under the same roof when everything was happening,” says Inga. “So that’s going to hit a lot harder and there was less time to get over the break up. I had no time to process that I had lost a two-year-long relationship.”

“I’ve only just watched it back and I found it heartbreaking,” she continues. “I’ve almost blanked it out and forgot about it. So it was really sad.”

Viewers were quick to speculate they had broken up in July when Inga, 30, dropped hints on her socials that her relationship with Sam, 26, had come to an end. Inga and fellow cast mate Liv Bentley, 27, posted a TikTok clip lounging on her bed mouthing the words to a version of Jay Z's 99 Problems.

“The breakup was a real one,” confirms Sam. “It was very emotional. There’s a lot of love there with me and Inga, we were together for nearly two years.

“I wasn’t expecting us to break up, but it was for the best. It was tough, especially on camera and we were living in a house together. People are like, was this scripted? I wish it was. It was the most real thing ever. I had a really dark trip throughout.”

Inga also hints that during the six-week break in the French island of Corsica, something unexpected happens between her and Sam that taints the end of their relationship.

Previous to dating Inga, Sam was known as the young lothario of the group. So it could be safe to assume that he could make a move on another member of the cast.

“I think what followed after, overrode all the emotions of the break up," teases Inga. I’m still processing it now to be honest. My hardest day isn’t even in the first few episodes. You would think it’s the break up, but it’s what comes after.”

“After the break up I took some time for myself and tried to process the whole thing,” continues Inga. “But things were unravelling elsewhere, I didn’t have a lot of time afterwards to get over it.

“Which in some ways, I don’t know if it’s a good thing because that took away from the sadness of it all – but it didn’t have a natural ending to my break up, in a way.”

Made in Chelsea: Corsica starts Sunday 13th August, 9pm, E4

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