I Hate Suzie viewers in hysterics as Billie Piper makes VERY crude comment about lover's manhood

I HATE Suzie viewers were left in hysterics after Billie Piper made a VERY crude comment about her lover's manhood.

The Sky Atlantic comedy sees Billie play the titular Suzie, a former teen pop star-turned-actress who has intimate photos stolen from her phone by hackers who then leak them on the Internet.

However, the photos weren't taken with her husband which makes things even more complicated, and it turns out, her lover wasn't the be all and end all.

In one scene, Suzie said her lover's manhood "smelled like he'd had sex with a bin", which left viewers crying with laughter.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "His crotch smelled like he'd had sex with a bin' Stop what you are doing and watch #IHateSuzie NOW!"

Another added: "Watching #IHateSuzie “his crotch smelt like he’d had sex with a bin”.

A third tweeted: "He has a crotch that smells like he’s had sex with a bin. I’ve exploded it’s brilliant #IhateSuzie."

The series is available to watch as a boxset as well as episodically and even after bingeing the whole series, some viewers still couldn't get over the crude comment.

One wrote: "It’s been weeks since I watched #ihatesuzie and still my mind is haunted by ‘His crotch smelled like he’d had sex with a bin!"

Viewers have demanded another series of the show after working their way through the episodes.

One viewer gushed: “@billiepiper Please tell me there's a second series in the works-That cannot be the end! I've just binge watched all day. Effing Brilliant! And I'm sat sobbing at that last scene #IHateSuzie”

“It’s been a looooong time since I binged watched anything, but I was HOOKED on #IHateSuzie I watched the full series in one go, mainly because of how incredible @billiepiper is in it. What a great piece of television!,” added a second.

“Binge watching #IHateSuzie it’s brilliant Two hearts you should download and watch it all now @billiepiper is so good in it,” wrote another. 

I Hate Suzie is available on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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