IAC Sam Thompson vulnerable for surprise exit as camp tipped to turn on him

Sam Thompson could be left potentially "vulnerable" on I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! after he was voted as this series first-ever camp leader.

Emotions were running high on Monday night's show (November 27) following the departure of food critic Grace Dent, who left the show on medical grounds. But things soon became more light-hearted when the celebs discovered that viewers voted Sam to lead the camp.

Choosing Marvin Humes as his deputy, Sam was clearly thrilled at the opportunity as the pair delegated responsibilities to their fellow co-stars. But body language expert Judi James believes Sam's new position could lead to trouble as his role as leader will most likely disrupt the "alpha-rich pecking order."

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Talking on behalf of Paddy Power Games, she said: "Sam’s submission signals and love-bombing of camp alphas Tony, Nigel and Fred have kept him safe so far as these dominant males can compartmentalise him in an over-excited 'child' role.

"But voting Sam as leader upended the alpha-rich pecking order and has left not only Sam in a dangerous role but it’s left Fred, Tom, Nigel, and Frankie exposed too, if they show their resentment to this very viewer-popular nice-guy too openly.

"Sam’s celebratory war dance at hearing he’s leader was so high-energy he almost collided with Fred, creating an important body language moment. Animal alphas are always under threat from lower-rank young males and his time the young male Sam was ripping into his hierarchical win over camp silverback Fred with a verbal and non-verbal display of superiority that looked similar to an animal attack.

"Sam splayed his arms out in a chest-banging ritual that made him look physically dominant over the entire camp. He sprawled diagonally on his throne and when Fred went to shake his hand in an act of submission and sportsmanship, Sam threw out the ultimate status put-down with his 'Stop sucking up Fred.'"

Given the change in dynamics, Judi also believes that Sam may show signs of rebellion. She continued: "Sam now has rebellion from what had been the upper ranks in the camp. Fred, Frankie, and Nigel all showed body language signals that scream resentment and potential sulks, while Tony was left to bite his tongue as Sam sat on his lap."

Judi also noticed that Fred Sirieix tried to showcase his dominance while serving his campmate's food. But this wasn't the only thing that was spotted.

Later on the programme, Nigel Forage and Frankie Dettori showed signs of upset when they weren't given the opportunity to sleep in the Misery Motel. Instead, campers Sam, Marvin and Tony Bellew decided that they were the best fits for the job.

Judi said: "Frankie and Nigel looked sullen as they sat together in a part-empty camp. Sam’s high-octane extrovert behaviour is how Frankie famously behaved and made his TV name when he was younger, making it an even more bitter pill for him to swallow, while Nigel’s masterplan to get air time to gain popularity that will translate into political votes in the way that Trump built his political fanbase in reality TV takes a dive every time he misses out on a task or challenge."

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