‘It says sex!’ Adil Ray snaps at GMB crew as hes left flustered by autocue blunder

GMB: Tech 'sex' blunder leaves Adil Ray flustered

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On Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh were back to present the latest headlines. However, just an hour into the programme, Adil suffered a blunder with autocue after he read out the word “sex” instead of “six”. The slip-up took place when the presenter was discussing GMB’s One Million Minute campaign.

“It is only for people in England in only and if you can sign up by going to our website and pledging 180 minutes, a week for sex…” Adil began.

The host clearly looked flustered as he read out the wrong word and pointed to the autocue.

Keen to defend himself, he snapped: “It clearly says for sex in there!”

“Is there a question mark as well?” Ranvir joked before Adil could finish his sentence.

Adil proceeded to demand the cameraman show the word to viewers at home.

“Can you just show them the prompt?” he yelled. “There you go, it wasn’t me.

“That wasn’t me, it was in the prompt.”

Luckily Ranvir, Adil and their guests saw the funny side and they all laughed at the mishap.

More to follow…

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