Kate Garraway questions timing of Harry and Meghan Christmas photo to usurp’ Queen

GMB: Kate Garraway on getting a letter from Kate Middleton

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On Friday, Good Morning Britain presenters Kate Garraway and Richard Bacon were joined by ITV’s Royal Editor Chris Ship and political commentator Iain Dale. The hot topic amongst the panel was the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following their latest public release. Meghan and Prince Harry shared a festive family photo that publicly showed their six-month-old daughter Lilibet Diana Windsor for the first time. The image had inevitably fallen under scrutiny with host Kate questioning if it had been released in an attempt to overshadow Queen Elizabeth II.

Richard explained to ITV viewers: “They released their card half an hour before Buckingham Palace and the Queen did.”

However, it is worth noting the Sussex’s card was actually released several hours before Buckingham Palace shared its photo of the Royal Highness.

“So is there a suggestion, Richard, that they kind of did that to, in some way, usurp the Queen?” Kate wondered.

To which the former Blue Peter presenter replied: “It sounds ridiculous to me but that is obviously the suggestion.”

Ever since the couple’s royal exit last year, the Duke and Duchess have resided in sunny California. 

Making reference to their move, Richard said: “I think when you live on the west coast over there,

“You’re just the tiny bit not sure what time it is over here,” he then concluded

Shortly after, Kate asked her guest: “What do you think Chris?”

During Friday’s Good Morning Britain, the ITV journalist replied: “It had to be released at some point.”

Defending the Duke and Duchess, he continued: “Let’s get some facts here, the Queen’s picture was released at 10:30[pm] last night.

“And that Harry and Meghan photo dropped into my inbox…

“At around two o’clock yesterday afternoon,” Chris stated.

The newsreader claimed: “So I don’t agree that it was done to usurp the Queen, no.”

Host Richard then turned to Iain for his thoughts as he asked: “Do you like analysing royal Christmas cards?”

In response, the LBC presenter said: “I could spend the rest of the day doing it frankly, Richard, as you can imagine.

“I think it’s a lovely picture, why do people have to over analyse these things?” He added.

The wholesome card shows Meghan holding her six-month-old baby while Harry and Archie smile.

The image was taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski in the summer of this year at the couple’s home.

After hearing from the former politician, both ITV presenters simultaneously responded: “Yeah.”

Iain then assumed: “I doubt that they would know when Buckingham Palace would release the other one.”

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