Keiko Agena Would Swap Roles With A Surprising Character on 'Gilmore Girls'

Gilmore Girls was a series that allowed fans to become truly invested in the lives of the characters. The amazing thing about the show was that fans weren’t just invested in the lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. They fell in love with the side characters, too. Keiko Agena’s character, Lane Kim, became a fan favorite. However, Agena admits there is one side character that she would have loved to swap places with.

Fans largely despised how Lane Kim’s story ended

Agena’s character, Lane, was established early as a rulebreaker and a rebel. She shirked every single one of her mother’s rules and blazed an independent trail for herself. That all ended, though, when she married Zach Van Gerbig. Shortly after her wedding, Lane found out she was pregnant, and her music career ended abruptly 

When fans reconnected with Lane in the 2016 revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, they were incredibly disappointed in her lack of a story arc. She was still in Stars Hollow, still married to Zach, and hadn’t progressed much. Fans thought Lane deserved more.

Keiko Agena admits she would have loved to swap parts with Sean Gunn

Agena might have been perfect in the role of Lane, but if given a chance, she would have happily swapped places with Sean Gunn. Gunn spent six seasons portraying Kirk Gleason in the series. Kirk was one of the many townspeople highlighted in Gilmore Girls, but he holds a special place in the hearts of Gilmore Girls fans and Agena’s heart, too.

In a Reddit AMA, Agena said, “I have a love affair with Kirk’s character. I adore him, Sean, so much, but his story on Gilmore Girls is one of my favorites, because he started as a one-time character, and he built that into being a series regular, and one of my favorite things that I ever saw him do was play Jesus in one of the later episodes. I just thought as a character, he had a wonderful, funny story arc.”

Kirk did end up being a series favorite, partially because he’s a bit of a mystery

Agena isn’t alone in her love of Gunn’s character. Kirk became a favorite of Gilmore Girls fans, partially for his goofy persona and partly because of the mystery surrounding him. Kirk, in a lot of ways, was the most interesting Gilmore Girls character because there was a lot of story left to tell about him.

Kirk was written into the show when Gunn wowed with his guest spot in the show’s first season. As the series progressed, fans learned a little bit more about the super eccentric townie each season. By the end, they were rooting for him, but he still had enough mystery to feed a ton of fan theories.

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