Kim Kardashian in fear after a 'stalker threatened to break into her home & KISS her' if she didn't stop 'ignoring' him

KIM Kardashian is in fear after a "stalker threatened to break into her home and KISS her" if she didn't stop "ignoring" him.

A judge has granted a restraining order against the man, further ordering him to stay 100 yards away from the reality TV star's home.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Kim asked a judge to order an unnamed 32-year-old man to stay away from her and her family as he has allegedly been harassing her for months.

"I do not know how long (he) has been stalking me or attempting to come to my home, but I have no relationship with him and have never met or communicated with him," Kim allegedly said in her restraining order request, according to the outlet.

"I have no desire to communicate with him or meet him. There is absolutely no reason or legitimate purpose for him to be contacting me or coming to my home."

She further claimed that the man has been pursuing a "romantic relationship" with her and has been sharing terrifying things on social media.

He allegedly said in one post that "he is going to get inside (my) house to 'kiss' me and will 'enter (my) house sooner than expected' if I keep ignoring him."

The stalker has allegedly gone to lengths of filming videos from outside of Kim's mansion in Los Angeles and shared them on social media.

He further claims that he has gone to her home several times.

The mom of four further claimed that he is becoming "increasingly frustrated" by not being allowed inside of her home.

The 41-year-old claimed that she is worried he will harm her or her family.

According to the documents, Kim's lawyers have discovered the man has a criminal record and have discovered it has a long list of violent cases.

Back in March, Kim's home had been invaded by a 24-year-old man who claimed she was his wife.

According to TMZ security was able to stop the man before he approached the $60 million mansion.

Eventually the Sheriff cited him for trespassing and he was released.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's home was previously broken into in 2017 when burglars targeted their Bel Air mansion.

Three of the pair's luxury cars were ransacked, almost a year after Kim was robbed in Paris.

The burglar who searched the vehicles, before fleeing the scene with just one iPhone had also targeted the couple's neighbor, Kathy Griffin. 

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