Liam will get even darker in gritty Hollyoaks storylines

Since his return, Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan) has been pretty ruthless and callous and is currently allowing Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool) to take the blame for a hit and run that has left Grace Black (Tamara Wall) paralysed.

But the actor has warned that because the character is only out for those he loves and, most importantly himself, we will see his darker edge continue without much regret – and he admitted that Liam would be more than happy for Harry to go down for the crime he himself committed.

That said, he does believe there is genuine warmth somewhere beneath the nasty exterior as he assured us he genuinely cares for Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) – but something tells us this pairing is destined for disaster.

Meanwhile, Luke Jerdy, who plays Jesse in the show, enthused that Jude has settled in well to the role of the Donovan brother and they clearly get on like a house on fire. And while Liam is central to the darkness of the family, Jesse has some lighter scenes ahead with Courtney Campbell (Amy Conachan).

At least there’s SOME joy to be found!

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