Little People's Audrey and Jeremy Roloff slammed for 'saving' cheese that fell on kitchen floor & letting kids eat it

LITTLE People, Big World fans slammed Audrey and Jeremy Roloff for allowing their kids to eat cheese off the kitchen floor.

Their 1-year-old son Bode knocked a giant bag of shredded cheese off the counter, and the parents let him and daughter Ember, 3, shovel it into their mouths, which followers blasted as “gross.”

In her Instagram Story, Audrey posted the whole ordeal, starting with a giant pile of orange cheese on the kitchen floor and Bode laughing and walking away from it.

“Lol squish is getting a bit more resourceful these days,” Audrey wrote, as Jeremy told her in the vide that “he pulled it off the counter.”

To the running away 1-year-old, the father of two asked, “What did you do Bode,” as daughter Ember ate a handful of the cheese.

As Jeremy went to pat the counter where the bag of cheese originally was placed and the tiny chair Bode apparently used to get up and knock it down, both kids started eating the food off the floor together.

“Bode, that’s a no-no dude,” Audrey said as she continued filming.

The kids continued to laugh and chew while their dad put all of the cheese back into the bag, instead of throwing it away.

Audrey asked her followers: “Ok but the question is… would you save it or toss it?”

After more than 60 percent of her followers said they’d throw it all out, the LPBW admitted she was “surprised by this response” because they “definitely saved it.”

Fans on Reddit were not happy with Audrey and Jeremy’s decision, with some calling it “disturbed,” “disgusting” and “gross.”

One fan begged them: “Between the cat, and the naked feet… Toss.It.Out. 🤢”

Another wrote: “They’re all barefoot and literally standing in it already!”

A third perplexed user asked: “who tf would save shredded cheese scooped up off the floor 🤢”

This comes just days after Audrey showed off her kids' toes were marked black after running around.

She allowed Ember and Bode to run barefoot through the street, sharing videos of them sprinting through a cul-de-sac without shoes.

Audrey's video followed her dedicated documentation of her kid's controversial swim lessons this summer.

Last month, the ex reality star enrolled her small children in the "infant swimming resource self-rescue program," which many fans deemed "cruel."

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