Loose Women fans throw up after Janet Street-Porter drinks camels milk on air

On Wednesday's episode of Loose Women (September 22) Christine Lampard headed up the panel to host the programme and was joined by Brenda Edwards, Janet Street-Porter and Jane Moore.

Chatting about the recent headlines, the foursome soon got onto the topic of dairy-free alternatives to milk.

Each of the panelists had a rack of mini milk bottles in front of them filled with different milk alternatives.

Pea milk, camel milk and mare milk from a female horse were all on offer, with Christine then introducing each of the different types of milk before the Loose Women tried them and gave their verdict.

Janet Street-Porter wasn't at all fazed by the challenge and happily sipped away.

Christine introduced the first milk alternative, which was camel's milk, when Janet revealed that this wouldn't be her first time trying the substitute: "A few years ago when I was doing a series with Gordon Ramsay, I went to a farm in Germany where they were breeding camels for milk."

"These milks like camel's milk have got loads of nutrition," she explained.

Janet then picked up the mini milk bottle and said: "When I tasted it before it had just come out of the camel and it was hot, which was rather disgusting."

She took a big sip before saying: "Fine. It's a little bit salty but it tastes like regular milk."

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The camera then panned around to Brenda Edwards who looked disgusted.

Fans and viewers took to Twitter in disgust at what they had just witnessed on daytime TV, with one saying: "I think I'm going to be SICK."

Another viewer chimed in with three sick face emojis, before some other people begun to discuss the debate surrounding cow milk and dairy free alternatives.

"Why are they getting icky over different animal’s milk yet are quite happy to drink cow’s milk?" wondered one person.

Another said: "Here’s an idea. Just stop exploiting animals for milk that is meant for their young. Stop funding a cruel industry. It’s that simple."

While another said: "Real dairy milk can’t be beaten. Not the stuff from supermarkets that is homogenised, but natural and pure from the cow!!"

Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12.30pm

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