Lorraine shut down by Sturgeon after Boris holiday jibe: ‘Not going to criticise’

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With schools in England and Wales following in the footsteps of Scotland and Northern Ireland by reopening their doors this week, Lorraine Kelly was keen to hear from Nicola Sturgeon about Scotland’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as a whole. On the agenda was not just schools welcoming back students, however, as Lorraine was keen to put Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the firing line too. However, Ms Sturgeon refused to be drawn into a row on air.

Lorraine quizzed Ms Sturgeon on Scotland’s response to the pandemic, even asking if the minister’s motivation behind her choices was to “embarrass” Mr Johnson.

Ms Sturgeon shut the idea down, however, as she responded: “Nothing could be further from my mind,

“I’m sure critics want to think the worse of me. All I occupy myself with is how we keep people as safe as possible.”

The ITV host wanted to see if Ms Sturgeon had a stronger response to Mr Johnson’s recent holiday in Scotland as he took a break from Westminster.

Joking the question must have been submitted by her own mother, Ms Sturgeon responded: “Look, we all have to take our own decision,

“I’m not going to criticise other leaders. I’m very wary that Boris Johnson was intensive care, I’m also aware he has a very young baby.

“I’m not going to criticise,” Ms Sturgeon reiterated.


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