Love Island Chuggs impressive career – rare breed poultry to Booby bucket hats

Love Island's Chuggs Wallis is quite the businessman – and we're not just talking about his bucket hat brand.

The 23-year-old islander admitted on the show that he sells rare breed poultry and has been doing so for a long time, and he now does it alongside Booby Buckets.

The sale of rare breed poultry is the project which started his career, posting his first clip of geese on his Instagram as far back as 2014.

In fact, Chuggs' passion for birds seems to have inspired his bucket hat business, which has a logo of the Blue Footed Booby bird, found in the Galapagos, Booby Buckets website says.

On his LinkedIn page, Chuggs admits that he has a vested interest in entrepreneurship, writing: "From a young age I experimented with starting multiple small businesses/projects, from selling rare breed poultry all around the UK to now starting Booby Buckets Ltd."

He has certainly pushed his career in the right direction as a businessman, but aside from his bird-selling skills, what else has Chuggs done?

As a teenager, Chuggs started his business in selling rare breed poultry, which he managed to spread across the UK and it has remained a side project in the years since.

He's shared videos and snaps with the birds on his Instagram, making it clear that although it is work, he clearly has a passion for them – even correcting his pals when they incorrectly state which breed they are.

In another side hustle, the hunk was a brand ambassador for Beaufort and Blake from 2013 until 2020, working with the business for seven long years in supporting their clothing sales.

Brand ambassadors often support clothing brands by posting snaps of themselves wearing outfits on their profile.

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For his first employed job, Chuggs worked for Host Staffing – heading up various events from Festivals to the Royal Ascot; he even worked as a bar manager as part of this stint for a little while.

Shortly after, Chuggs worked as a Business Development Consultant until 2019, where he left work entirely as he headed into his final years at university.

In May 2020, once he had finished his studies, which saw him gain a Business and Management degree, Chuggs launched Booby Buckets.

On the website, he revealed that the idea of Booby Buckets came to him while he was graduating that same year.

In the first push for his business, the Love Island hunk said that he wanted to provide customisations for sports clubs and teams close to home, which saw his business take off.

The brand currently hosts 8,500 Instagram followers with many ambassadors who are clearly loving the bucket hat trend.

The page has continued to grow since Chuggs stepped foot into the villa, and with his business (bucket) hat on, it's only a matter of time before he moves onto his next venture.

Chuggs was dumped from the villa on Tuesday night as Rachel decided to choose Brad instead.

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