Love Island fans left fuming as wrong girl gets dumped

Love Island: Tanyel is dumped from show ahead of Casa Amor

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At the beginning of Thursday’s episode of Love Island, it was the boy’s turn to choose the girls that they wanted to couple up with. Whilst Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins finally made it into an official couple, Jordan Odofin had to choose between Tanyel Revan and Ellie Spence, which left original Islander Tanyel dumped from the islander.

After coming in as a bombshell, Jordan had been getting to know both Ellie and Tanyel after the pair were struggling to make a connection with the boys in the villa.

Jordan was left last to choose who he wanted to couple up with and made his feelings clear as to why he had made the decision.

He explained: “I have decided to couple up with this girl because since coming into the villa, I feel like she had been very very warm to me.

“I feel like when we have conversations it’s effortless, it is natural and although I see it as a platonic friendship right now, I do feel like something potentially could be there.

“So the girl I would like to couple up with is… Ellie.”

The villa was rocked by his decision and left the girls and Ron in tears as she packed her belongings and headed out of the villa.

Viewers of the show were left fuming by Jordan’s decision and took to Twitter to air their views with one another.

@polaroidbibby stated: “Tanyel deserved better #loveisland.”

@STREAMYIKESS expressed: “ELLIE ?! Someone get that man out that villa rn, please. Don’t p**s me off #LoveIsland.” (sic)

@Eeeespialsods commented: “Tanyel is leaving purely down to what Tanya Shaq and Olivia did. SSSSSSSSNAKES. #loveisland.”

@therarejem_ added: “I’m actually fuming! #loveisland.”

@jodesangel asked: “First Zara and now Tanyel? Love Island what are you doinggggg #loveisland.” (sic)

@chloemoey said: “Nah they did her so dirty. She defo didn’t deserve to go. The wrong girl went and she wasn’t given a chance.” (sic)

Many fans also stated that they thought it was Shaq Muhammed, Olivia Hawkins and Tanya Manhenga’s fault for Tanyel being dumped for “getting in his ear”.

During last night’s episode, Olivia and Shaw discussed whether Tanyel was being genuine about wanting to get to know Jordan.

The pair laughed over their similar issues with Tanyel and claimed she was only getting to know Jordan through convenience, waiting for more bombshells to come in.

Later that night, Shaq and Tanya sat down with Jordan and Tanya said: “Tanyel is my friend, I am going, to be honest. She is lovely, but Tanyel is a slow burner.

“However, when she came back from your first date she was like ‘he is nice, easy to talk to’ all this nice stuff, but she said ‘you guys know me I am slow’.

“At the moment, no not interested, left it there. And then as the days have gone by, it stayed the same every time we ask her, there is no one in here that she likes, she is waiting for her type.”

Shaq added: “Personally if I was putting in effort for a girl and she wasn’t all the way there, feeling me wise I would want you to tell me.”

Jordan tried to defend Tanyel and said: “You never know what’s around the corner,” however Shaq added: “I am telling you, bro…”

Love Island airs every night from 9pm on ITV2.

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