Love Island Kaz and Tyler defended as theyre voted most annoying couple

Fans flocked to defend Kaz and Tyler after they were harshly voted for “most annoying couple” and “most likely to cheat”.

Recent polls undertaken on the Love Island app had fans vote for superlatives for the couples.

However, Kyler fans were outraged to see that Kaz and Tyler performed badly in the positive questions like “hottest couple” and topped the lists for the worst ones.

They only received 9.2 percent of the votes for “most genuine couple” but came first for “most annoying” with a whopping 31.8 percent.

In addition many viewers clearly think that the pair won’t last, as they were also voted “first to split up when they leave the villa” and “couple most likely to cheat”.

Fans of the couple took to Twitter to voice their anger at the results of the polls and defend Kaz and Tyler.

“How are Kaz and Tyler the most annoying couple when they don’t even get screen time?” complained one fan.

Another said: “Nah you guys actually hate Kaz and Tyler for no reason.”

Others pointed out the discrepancies in the voting, after couples like Millie and Liam plus Faye and Teddy received less votes despite both having rockier romances.

“Someone explain to me right now how Tyler is more likely to cheat that Liam?” tweeted one fan.

Another person chimed in to say: “I beg your pardon? Y’all chose or the guy who cheated on his girl multiple times and lied about it? And y’all chose the girl who emotionally and verbally abuses her partner and scared the whole villa? You lot are mad.”

Both Tyler and Kaz found themselves in the bottom three last week, as the boy and girl who had received the least votes.

Ladbrokes currently has the odds on Kaz and Tyler winning the show as a low 16/1 while the current favourites are Millie and Liam at 4/6 odds.

The Love Island polls also rated Liberty and Jake as the “biggest showmance” with them receiving a huge 41.1 percent of the votes.

Thursday’s preview saw Liberty voicing doubts about her relationship with boyfriend Jake for the first time.

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