Love Island's Amber Gill slams Lucie Donlan for 'micro aggressions' after revealing she refused to say Yewande's name

LOVE Island's Amber Gill has slammed Lucie Donlan for "micro aggressions" after revealing she refused to say Yewande Biala's name in the villa.

Lucie, 22, sparked backlash earlier this week when she accused Yewande, 26, of "bullying" her when the competed on the ITV2 reality show back in 2019.

However, Yewande hit back saying that the surfer "refused to call her by her name", with 23-year-old Amber and fellow Islander 28-year-old Amy Hart also leaping to her defence and backing her claims.

Now Amber, who won the series, has taken to her Twitter page once again to shed some more light on Lucie's treatment of Yewande as she explained why her behaviour was so offensive.

She told fans: "Btw asking someone you don’t know (well) who has an ethnic name if you can call them a 'nickname' is not a term of endearment.

"It’s a micro aggression & you don’t have the right to say there is no malicious/sinister intent, you just don’t do it.

"I thought that was just common sense."

She then retweeted a message from a follower that read: "It also demonstrates casual privilege.

"Because the pronunciation is above your own linguistic skill set you think you have the right to small up someone's good, good name their mother called them!

"They really need argue with their own mum tbh".

The recent drama kicked off when a fan asked Lucie how she felt about Yewande saying that she's a "horrible person".

Replying on Instagram, the Cornish blonde said: "She's always bullied me. I'm not bothered about her opinion… makes her look bad. Not sure where she said that though!"

Yewande tweeted shortly afterwards: "You refused to call me by my name because it was too 'hard to pronounce' now you wanna say I bullied you !! Bullied!".

And Amber replied saying that Yewande had remained "peaceful" at the time, tweeting: "Na when she said can I call you 'Y' I said lol no you can’t can I just call you 'her' you were peaceful in that exchange It was me with the vim".

Amy echoed: "This beautiful,respectful QUEEN has sat on this for almost two years.

"We haven’t spoken about it publicly because it was Yewande’s story to tell.

"I remember dates, times, locations of every conversation in that villa. There’s so much you don’t see x"

Lucie brushed off her role in the feud as she responded to the claims, instead accusing the girls of "attacking" her instead of "sticking together".

She told MailOnline: "These are really old comments dug up purely to incite a row between two females.

"In this day and age and with everything going on in the world, we should all be sticking together not attacking each other."

Yewande is not the first ex Islander that Lucie had feuded with, and she had several run-ins with Molly-Mae Hague while in the villa after she repeatedly chased Tommy Fury despite him making it clear that he only had eyes for Molly.

And last year, Lucie was at the centre of another love triangle when she was accused of stealing current boyfriend Luke Mabbott from his then-girlfriend Demi Jones.

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