Made In Chelsea set to feature male throuple in reality TV first

Hit reality TV series Made in Chelsea is about to make history by featuring the first-ever male throuple in reality TV.

The upcoming series introduces Joel Mignott, 27, Robbie Mullett, 23, and Geronimo Mörtl, 22, who will share their first on-screen kiss in Corsica as the new season kicks off.

Joel shared with the Daily Mail : "Channel 4 have done everything they can to help us through this process."

He revealed that the network even enlisted a queer specialist to guide them through emotional challenges both during filming and afterward. Joel expressed his confidence that Channel 4 is committed to portraying their story in the most positive light possible, and shared that he isn't concerned about potential negative reactions.

Joel and Robbie are already an established couple on the show and in the latest series developed a close friendship with model Geronimo.

Over time, they realised a deeper romantic connection between them.

Joel shared: “It was very slow, very sweet, very communicative. There were moments where we would stop and chat. It wasn't just about the sex but what it all meant to us.

“Robbie loved flirting with somebody and having someone around us that was interested in us and getting to know somebody new in a safe space.”

Joel expressed his pride in being part of such a groundbreaking narrative, especially considering the lack of similar representations during his own upbringing.

"To be a part of something that could educate people and be a point of reference for young gay boys, then I am so proud to be a part of that," he stated.

The throuple storyline is not the only romance Made in Chelsea fans have to look forward to in the upcoming series. Just weeks after his split with Olivia Bentley, Tristan Phipps reveals he and Yasmine Zweegers encounter a surprise romance filming in Corsica.

Newly single Tristan admits his surprise at meeting someone he liked just six-weeks after his break-up with fellow cast member, Olivia Bentley whom he dated on and off for four years.

“Yaz is a new addition to the cast,” says Tristan. “I think I’d met her once or twice at filming and then out and about but we’d never really chatted, so I had no idea she was coming out either. She came a few days after the rest of us flew out. And I mean, it was at first lovely."

“Yaz was the first girl I kissed or had even spoken to since Liv, so it was a big deal for me. I felt like I was ready for it. It was unexpected.

While their romance is blissful at the start, Tristan leaves the island, and his ex-girlfriend, Liv, arrives to confront Yaz.

“You don’t want to be on the wrong side of Liv,” warns Yaz. “She’s a bold character to be up against, I don’t know what came my way, I was like ‘no, it’ll be fine’. It wasn’t fine. But I’m excited to watch the scene where she comes to Corsica."

Made in Chelsea: Corsica starts Sunday 13th August, 9pm, E4

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