Moira death danger, Sarah drugs scandal and 8 more Emmerdale spoilers

There is serious danger ahead in Emmerdale as some of the villagers take dangerous paths. As Moira Dingle’s (Natalie J Robb) drinking spirals out of control, she later ends up unconscious in a ditch – but is she dead? Meanwhile, Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) is persuaded by Danny (Louis Healy) to start dealing drugs – but will she reach the point of no return?

Elsewhere in the village, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) commits a burglarly to try and protect Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) but she is horrified by his actions and things are made even worse when it could impact Dawn’s (Olivia Bromley) chances of getting custody of Lucas.

10 Emmerdale spoilers

  • Will is horrified to learn that Harriet is being relocated to Essex.
  • Danny lies to Sarah that the lost drugs caused him to be beaten up.
  • Matty suspects Moira is to blame when Wylie’s land is covered with herbicides.
  • Harriet is horrified when there is a robbery at the church.
  • Diane returns with news about Bernice.
  • Dawn is determined to get custody of Lucas when he rushes to hug her.
  • Moira hits rock bottom and ends up out cold in a ditch while drunk.
  • Danny tries to persuade Sarah to deal drugs.
  • Charity is enraged with Graham when he criticises her parenting skills.
  • Harriet realises Will is behind the robbery but will she cover for him?

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