Monty Don announces another break from Gardeners World Until then, bye

Gardeners’ World: Monty Don reveals he’ll be back in a fortnight

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Plant expert Monty Don has fronted the BBC staple Gardeners’ World since 2003. The horticulturist has built up a strong fan base of both seasoned and novice gardeners who look to the nature guru for tips on how to keep their garden thriving. He took over the popular show from broadcaster and gardener Alan Titchmarsh and has been a firm favourite with viewers ever since. But the 66-year-old announced at the end of last week’s instalment that he’d be taking a break, bidding viewers a farewell until he is back.

At the end of Friday’s episode, Monty commented: “I shan’t be here next week I am taking a week’s holiday, which I haven’t done for ages.

“And I know I’m going to spend it potting around here in the garden – heaven.”

But fans of the show will be pleased to know there will still be a new instalment airing next week.

The outdoor genius continued: “And of course, there will be a programme which will be hosted by Carol [Klein] and Nick [Bailey], who will be looking at how to make every space count.

“And that will be on at 8 o’clock next Friday – and I will be back here with you at Longmeadow in a fortnight.

“So – until then, bye.” It comes after the presenter previously took a break from the show back in April to focus on another project.

At the time he told his 236,000 followers that he would be using the time to record his audiobook.

He wrote: “Having been delayed by a year due to Covid I am off today (and for the next four days) to a studio to read ‘My Garden World’ as an audio book.”

The popular expert took to Twitter on Saturday to make a quip about the wet weather hitting parts of the UK

He posted a video of the heavy rain slamming into his garden, commenting: “Bit damp…”

Monty’s fans span across the world, with replies to his post demonstrating his popularity.

One wrote: “I sat on my porch this morning repotting plants and planting some seeds.

“The humidity is so bad in South Carolina I couldn’t have been any more soaked through if I’ve been standing in Longmeadow.”

Another penned: “I live in Sacramento California. This mythological moisture is surely some trickery of the BBC visual creative staff.”

“Just a tad! My dog Hattie left her toys in the garden last night.. it rained, she isn’t happy!” A third replied.

Someone else remarked: “Same in Guildford Monty, on the plus side, never seen the grass look so green for the time of year.”

“I was happy to see it rained here in Surrey BC overnight. We desperately need it for the forest fires. Hope it continues for a few days,” added another.

Fans can also keep up with Monty’s tips by visiting his blog, in which he details g tips for growing all kinds of plants throughout the year.

The July segment advised how best to harvest garlic, but he issued a warning over the process.

He talks readers through the best ways to grow and maintain plants, and the best to tend to each month as the seasons change.

Gardeners’ World airs on BBC Two at 9pm on Fridays.

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