Naked Attraction boss warns show ‘isn’t for everyone’ as he hits back at outrage

Naked Attraction official trailer

Naked Attraction is finally being broadcast in America – and the reaction has been incredible.

Hit streaming platform Max quietly added the Channel 4 series to its service in September, and although it piqued intrigue, many were wary about the show’s X-rated premise.

The show, hosted by Anna Richardson sees a group of naked people hiding in booths. Although their faces are initially hidden, their bodies are gradually revealed from the feet up through successive rounds depending on if the single individual likes what they see.

Some of the naked contestants are eliminated until two people are left, leaving the chooser to take their clothes off and pick a date.

When the show landed on screens, millions of Americans were shocked at the outrageous dating format which first premiered in the UK seven years ago.

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The show was picked apart by viewers who took to social media to slam the network and air their disgust and outrage.

Addressing the reactions, executive producer Darrell Olsen told The Hollywood Reporter: “What’s happening in the States right now” mirrors the show’s first reaction in the UK.

“You have [people saying] ‘I can’t believe this is onscreen’ – shock and outrage – mixed with, ‘This is quite amazing.’”

He continued: “The show isn’t for everyone, but everyone is interested in it.

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“I think what will happen with you guys is, hopefully, what happened over here, where the ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this is on TV’ turns into, ‘It’s a pretty good show’.

“Also, the stories get better and we push more boundaries [in the latter seasons].”

Darrell admitted he and his were uncertain whether Naked Attraction would get the green light “due to the general restrictions in the States and the public feeling about nudity on TV.”

“There [has] been talks about it and [the reaction has] always been, ‘We’re not sure US audiences are ready to see this,” he added. “That’s been the sticking point.”

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Speaking on the streaming giants, Darrell revealed: “This time, Max said, ‘We’re a cutting-edge streamer, we’re just going to go with it.’”

While the UK version of the show has a loyal audience, American celebrities including Chrissy Teigen and RuPaul have raved about Naked Attraction.

Despite the backlash, the new dating series proved to be a surprise hit as it earned the top spot on Max’s Most Popular list.


Naked Attraction is available to stream on Max.

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