Naked Attraction star left with fart in mouth after daring sex act went wrong

A Naked Attraction guest shocked viewers when he revealed that his ex farted in his mouth during sex.

Carlo from Somerset appeared on the nude Channel 4 dating show to look for love back in 2021 after surviving leukaemia. When he graced the set, host Anna Richardson asked him to share his sex history.

But viewers probably didn't expect the poor steeplejack to admit that his former flame let out a fart into his mouth while he gave he tried to pleasure her from behind. Recalling the embarrassing bonk, he said: "When I was a young teenager, I was down there, going to work and the next thing I know, this girl let out a fart in my mouth."

Anna giggled and said: "I'll take it she wasn't thrilled at what you were doing." Carlo continued: "I don't know what she was thinking, I think she thought it was funny. I was just in complete shock, with fart in my mouth."

Sexpert Anna explained that farting in between the sheets could be a turn-off for many people during sex but for some, it is a fetish. She said: "The fetish is called eproctophilia and it describes those who are sexually aroused by being farted on and those who decide to take initiative and fart on others."

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Standing on the stage in front of six colourful boxes, she asked Carlo if the contestant in the red box looked like if she will fart in his mouth. Carlo turned red and replied: "I hope not. I hope to never relive that experience ever again."

Viewers at home were disgusted and took to X, formerly Twitter, to share their distaste at the fetish. One wrote: "Fart in your mouth? Why just why…"

Another wrote: "Who likes to be farted on or sniff farts in the bedroom!!! Some weirdos about." God I love the stories from the golden days."

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