'Never Have I Ever': Does Devi Move to India?

The first season of Never Have I Ever was a roller coaster for fans. Viewers watched Devi’s obsession with Paxton become a full-fledged romance and the season-ending with a kiss from her longtime adversary Ben.

Another major plotline in the show involves Devi’s mother deciding to relocate to India after her husband’s death. Fans were especially left wondering whether Devi (who had expressed her reservations about the decision) and her family would be moving, and season 2 is bound to answer the question. If you haven’t watched the new season, be warned, there are some spoilers ahead.

Season 1 of ‘Never Have I Ever’ was wild

Viewers met Devi a few months after her father’s death and being in a wheelchair. She is visibly excited to move past the crushing events of her freshman year and looks at her sophomore years as a chance to have fun and inject more excitement into her life.

She begs her best friends to get boyfriends so that they can seem cool. She, however, discovers that one of her friends, Eleanor, already has a boyfriend and Fabiola struggles to come out of the closet. Devi proposes a sexual relationship to the school’s hot swimmer, Paxton Yoshida, and he accepts. She, however, gets cold feet and is unable to go through with the arrangement.

Her cousin Kamal learns of her planned marriage and feels it violates her freedom since she already has a boyfriend. Fabiola has a massive crush on Eve, whom she ends up hooking up with later in the season. Kamala meets a woman who was shunned due to her refusal of her arranged marriage and encourages Kamala to accept the arrangement to avoid being ostracized.

Meanwhile, Devi joins Model UN and lies that she and Paxton hooked up. Paxton gets wind of the lie and is understandably mad. For a moment, Ben and Devi get along, but they soon get back to their baseless feud with one another. Devi gets home and gets mad at her friends when they tell her about their lives, claiming what was going on in hers was more critical.

She tries to make up with them but is unsuccessful. Kamala’s potential husband arrives, and she realizes they have a lot in common. Devi runs away from home to avoid relocating to India and moves in with Ben, who calls her friends for help to get her back home. They convince her to make nice with her mother just in time to scatter her father’s ashes away. The season ends with Ben kissing Devi, who is unaware of Paxton’s feelings.

Will Devi move to India?

Season 2 explores Devi’s sudden Casanova lifestyle and Nalini’s decision to relocate the family to India. Devi, at first, is hesitant to move but makes peace with it, even taking advantage of her soon-to-be absentia by hooking up with both of her love interests. As Distractify reports, Devi learns that they would no longer be moving as Nalini has a change of heart about leaving California.

Nalini’s decision comes after she visits her mother-in-law in India, who makes snarky remarks that help Nalini figure out why she should stay in California. However, the decision ends up messing up Devi’s whole thing as she realizes that she has made a big mess that must be cleaned up.

Will there be a season 3?

Season 2 concluded in July 2021, and fans are already yearning for another season. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show is yet to be renewed for a third season. Suffice to say, Never Have I Ever has been a homerun for Netflix with its two seasons, and it might not be a surprise if the streamer decides to renew it for another season or two.

Assuming everything goes as planned, the show’s third season might hit screens sometime in 2022. The story would possibly expound more on Devi coming to terms with her decisions regarding the two men in her life and repairing her relationship with those around her.

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