Olivia Attwood Meets Her Match viewers praise the star as she opens up about her ADHD struggle

OLIVIA Attwood Meets Her Match viewers praised the star as she praised the star as she opened up about her ADHD struggle.

The Towie star, 29, was speaking about her mental health issues pre-lockdown when she mentioned her ADHD diagnosis.

While discussing her upcoming wedding with footballer Bradley Dack, Olivia mentioned she was diagnosed at school, but didn't know she could still have it as an adult.

The star said: "Pre-Love Island, I just kind of hit this point where everything came to a head.

"My anxiety was through the roof, I was fluctuating in and out of mild depression, and I had to actually get some help for it.

"And the amazing doctor who I was actually treated by, when I was with her for a couple of hours she was like, 'Have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD?' and I was like, 'Yeah, as a child, but you can't have it as an adult, can you?'

"And she was like, 'You absolutely can. I think not being aware of your ADHD tendencies has led you to be really hyperactive and then you're dealing with anxiety and that's brought on depression'.

"It's like a big chicken and egg situation."

Fans of Olivia Attwood Meets Her Match were quick to praise the star, with one person saying: "Good on Olivia for opening up and sharing her personal experience and raising awareness on ADHD…#oliviameetshermatch"

Another added: "@oliviajade_att well done for discussing adhd, my daughter has it diagnosed at 7 years old now nearly 13 she has her struggles and often been judged but she embrasses it and trys so hard to get through the hurdles and people's opinions of her #ADHD #oliviameetshermatch"

A third remarked: "Yeah living with Adhd can be a terrible thing, most people around the kids don't even understand. You grew up beautifully"

The Sun revealed in October how Olivia was forced to cancel her dream overseas holiday due to Covid-19.

She told us: "Brad definitely can't have two week quarantine with football and I can't with filming so it is forcing us to look at venues in the UK.

"We want it to be summer 2021 so it needs to be booked asap or it's not going to happen.

"My wedding planner said everyone who was getting married this year is now getting married next year, so all the venues are filling up fast.

"We only have a very small window of about a month to get married because of Brad's football schedule so it's proving really hard."

Liv got engaged to Brad last October after he proposed during a romantic holiday to Dubai. 

She has temporarily left Towie to film her own reality show, Olivia Meets Her Match, which focuses on her wedding plans.

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