Peter Andre & Katie Price's son Junior, 15, says he wants a neck tattoo and both ears pierced

PETER Andre and Katie Price's son Junior is planning a dramatic new look – with pierced ears and a neck tattoo.

The 15-year-old, who is is turning 16 this summer, is plotting what he called a "glow up".

He is quoted in the Daily Star saying: "When I’m 16 I hopefully will have a glow up.

"I want to get my two ears pierced. I'm not sure I would suit just one and I don’t know which is the right one.

"When I’m older I want a neck tattoo as well – a big neck tattoo but on my face."

" don’t think I’d suit a sleeve you know, I dunno, but I’m thinking about a neck tattoo.

"I want to do acting and you have to to cover them but yeah, i'm thinking about a neck tattoo."

Peter is the eldest child of reality star Katie, 42, and singer Peter, 48, who also share 13-year-old daughter Princess.

Junior and his dad both tried their hand at acting in movie On The Other Foot, where Peter's character had a neck tattoo.

Last summer the Mysterious girl star poked fun at his son for doing "gang signs" out of his Bentley as they drove to their local Co Op.

Peter laughed: "Gang signs? In Surrey? So what is it, you think you're part of the Surrey massive?"

Sounding irritated, Junior told him: "Oh no dad, relax yourself. Come on, you're being annoying now."

Opening up to cameras on his YouTube reality show, Peter said later: "I'm like: 'Why are you talking like that?'

"Then he'll go on YouTube and find a clip of me at 19 and I was talking like that. I cringe. I cringe at myself.

"Then he's going 'so, sorry what were you saying about me?' He's right, I can't even have a go. Even though I muck about, I probably get annoyed about it because it reminds me of a young me."

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