Piers Morgan’s PM odds slashed after Daily Star musings sparks kerfuffle

Our musings that TV's Piers Morgan would do a better job than Bozo as PM caused a bit of a kerfuffle.

It the idea put you off your Cornflakes, we're sorry.

But even the bookies agree…and they're NEVER wrong.

And Piers on Tuesday night started cheekily preparing for Downing Street after the odds on him becoming Prime Minister dramatically tumbled.

Our jokey campaign to get the loudmouth TV host into the corridors of power sparked a massive debate on TV and social media.

And it resulted in a flurry of bets from punters who backed him to get the top job.

Good Morning Britain (GMB) star Piers – who has been ruthless with Government ministers over their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic – began the day at a massive 500/1 to be next PM.

By Tuesday night that had shortened dramatically to just 200/1.

And some punters claimed they were getting much shorter odds – just 20/1 for him to get to Number 10 at any point in the next decade.

Cocky Piers, 55, took just two seconds to mention your Daily Star’s ‘PM for PM?’ headline on his ITV show Tuesday morning.

And it didn’t take long for fans to suggest that he make GMB co-host Susanna Reid his chancellor, although she simply tweeted “Help” in response.

He also told ITV colleague Lorraine Kelly that she could have a place in his cabinet as Home Secretary, adding: “You could be Priti Patel with a brain.”

Piers also told viewers that the first thing he would do if he made it to Downing Street would be to fire “seven or eight people” straight away.

His son Spencer Morgan tweeted that he was “not against the idea of Number 10 being my new gaff”.

The country was divided on whether ‘Marmite’ character Piers would do a good job running the country.

A GMB poll of on Twitter of more than 80,000 people suggested almost 70% of viewers did NOT want the show’s host to become PM.

One person said on Twitter: “I’m sorry but although Piers is a fantastic interviewer and icon for the British People if he became PM I feel it would lead to the beginning of World War 3, imagine him talking to Putin and other World Leaders.”

Another added: “The fact that Piers Morgan couldn’t possibly be any worse than Boris Johnson as PM shows you how far past the U bend we’ve flushed ourselves.”

But despite his apparent unpopularity on social media, punters flooded to betting sites to back him for Downing Street.

Figures from Oddschecker – a website to help gamblers find the best odds and tips – revealed more than 80% of all political bets placed yesterday were on Piers to become PM.

Spokesman Callum Wilson said: “While he won’t be threatening the top of the market anytime soon, Piers Morgan does appear to have gripped the imagination of the nation with his continual success in holding the current government to account.”

Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Apati revealed one punter had placed £100 on Piers when the odds were still 500/1.

He said: “It’s worth noting Donald Trump’s odds would’ve been eerily similar once upon a time all those years ago so stranger things have certainly happened.”

Jose Garay, spokesperson at political odds comparison site Guesser.com, said: “There’s no doubt Susanna Reid would be glad to see the back of Piers, and since the Daily Star’s front-page story bookies have been forced to cut the odds for Piers to be PM from 500/1 to 250/1.

“For context, he now has more chance of being PM than his beloved, but struggling, Arsenal to win the Premier League this season.

“We live in strange times, and if his old best friend Donald Trump can go from TV star to the White House then who knows what 2021 could throw up for Piers.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is the favourite to be next PM with odds of 18/5, closely followed by Rishi Sunak at 29/10.

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