Piers Morgan's wife Celia Walden mocks GMB presenter's holiday weight gain and says he deserves to be fat-shamed

PIERS Morgan's wife Celia Walden has mocked her husband's holiday weight gain and said he deserves to be fat-shamed.

It comes after the Good Morning Britain presenter, 55, was referred to as "chubster" by his co-host Susanna Reid, 49, after Andi Peters started the trend on yesterdays breakfast programme.

Today Piers' other half, 44, spoke out about his recent weight gain in her latest newspaper column, saying that it needed to be addressed so that he'd do something about it.

Addressing her words on GMB this morning, Piers told viewers that she had headlined the piece: "My husband needs to be fat-shamed."

He went on to read her words out and said: "She says, 'I have no issue with my husband's GMB co-host calling him a 'chubster' on live television.

"'He, like me, is of the belief that a little bit of fat-shaming where it's due can be a good thing, and there's something shameful about the amount of blue cheese and Bordeaux that man's put away over the past six months.

"'Moreover, the insults will actually help him lose the weight, he rightfully insists. Something our PC GPs might want to bear in mind for their next chubster patient shuffles through the door.' I totally agree!"

Although Piers didn't seem too impressed with fellow journalist Andi's choice of words yesterday when he did exactly what he said he thinks people should do when they've over-endulged.

During the show, co-host Susanna questioned if Piers thought fat shaming did its job – to which he said that he thought it did.

Completely disagreeing with him, she thinks that way of trying to encourage people to lose weight was "disgusting."

The camera suddenly switched over to Andi jumping in a park on a skipping rope and he said: "Good morning Susanna, good morning chubster! This is what you need to do, a little bit of skipping."

While Susanna had a little giggle to herself, the TV personality's facial expression said it all.

Although it's not just Piers who has struggled over the months, the former BBC breakfast presenter also admitted that she's piled on the pound during lockdown.

Piers went on to suggest the pair do "vigorous exercise" together to lose weight.

Piers explained: "Like a lot of people in lockdown, especially when you bust your ankle up, I have put on weight.

"I am carrying too much weight. I reckon I put on at least half a stone, three quarters of a stone."

"I need to be fat-shamed to get it off."

Taking him up on his offer, Susanna jokingly shouted: "Yes, you fat person, lose the weight. It's about time, chubster."

"Wow," said a shocked Piers, who then insisted that Susanna's fat-shaming would help him shift the timber.

Disagreeing, Susanna said: "That brings me out in hives just saying that."

Piers replied: "No, that will genuinely have the right affect on me.






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