Predictions for 'Harlots' Season 3

Harlots has shocked fans of late with a series of deaths no one expected. It has many wondering where the show will go from here. Will Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton) stay in London with her family or will she flee to safety in America with her husband? Will the Wells family stand up to the rest of their enemies? With more episodes to come, hopefully some questions will be answered after all the trauma over the last few weeks.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Will the Wells family learn who really killed Charlotte?

Charlotte was thrown from the balcony by HalPincher (Ash Hunter) in a surprise that shocked fans everywhere and leftmembers of the Wells family in mourning. In the episode after Charlotte’sdeath, it becomes apparent that everyone thinks Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville)killed Charlotte, as she was there that night and is her mortal enemy.

Emily Lacey diverts suspicions

Emily Lacey (Holli Dempsey), who somehow knows her man Hal had something to do with it, tries to take suspicion off of him. At first she throws the blame on Quigley and tells the Wells women that she saw her leaving the house that night. She hopes to take blame off of the Pincher brothers. Lacey loves Hal and is desperate to better for circumstances. She is clinging to him to rescue her from her life as a harlot. Will she finally learn the truth?

Will Hal learn of his brother’s death?

In the latest episode, Isaac Pincher (Alfie Allen), Hal’sbrother, is killed by Nancy (Kate Fleetwood). He is gunned down after a moneyexchange goes very wrong for him. He was trying to pay off Emily Lacey to leavehis brother alone once and for all. Little did he know that she would involveMargaret and Nancy. Hal is sure to find out at some point that his brother ismissing. He isn’t the type that is just going to give up, especially after theyhave just purchased land in America from Margaret’s husband.

Alfie Allen liked that the show was led by all women

MashableSE Asia spoke with Allen about his role in Harlots and what attractedhim to the series unlike any other. “But one of the things that attracted metowards the show, not so much the character creatively but Harlotsitself, was it’s helmed exclusively by women, female writers, a female leadcast,” explained Allen. “It’s not something that happens that often. So to be apart of that is great. I think that’s what the show is about, those positionsof power, and there not being such a gender bias in those positions of power.”

Will Lydia Quigley finally get her due?

Quigley has been a hated member of Harlots since theshow first began. This season has shown a different side of her however, one ofcompassion and kindness. She escaped Bedlam with her adopted daughter, Kate(Daisy Head), and is determined to make it backto the top. It doesn’t look like Quigley will be getting her due anytimesoon, as she is slowly claiming the rings of the social ladder once more. Mrs.May has died and Quigley has taken over all of her assets. Her luck changedcompletely overnight, but she isn’t stopping there. She is determined to gether house on Golden Square back, and she will.

Harlots still has a lot of questions left to answerthis season. Fans will have to keep tuning into Hulu on Wednesdays to see the latestepisodes.

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