Ray Crosby's reign of terror leads to Corrie murder mystery

He is public enemy number one and Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) is set to find himself in a killer situation as more than one life ends up on the line – and someone disappears, raising the question over whether a bloody murder has taken place.

Coronation Street has been fighting the sex pest businessman and when Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) finally gets hard evidence that Ray has been playing dirty in his bid to get his ambitions over the line, a showdown ensues and sets into action a chain of unforgettable events that could change lives and loyalties forever. 

As Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) discovers some deeply troubling truths about the man she has been working with, she is stunned to find him standing over a lifeless Abi, who he has poisoned. Presented with a choice, will Debbie allow Ray to kill her brother’s girlfriend? 

Or will she swap sides and fight back – potentially putting her own life on the line in the process. 

With gangsters closing in on Ray and the police investigating him for attempted rape, a desperate Ray is more dangerous than ever now he is on the cusp of losing everything. 

A TV source whispered to Metro.co.uk: ‘The showdown between Abi and Ray is not the final act of this sorry tale – if you thought that the death jeopardy ends with this scene then think again. 

‘Ray is a huge danger to everyone and perhaps even to himself and when presented with a situation he can’t get out of, fans will be shocked by the lengths he will go to. And the actions of other characters may also come as a surprise.

‘It leads to someone going missing and a real mystery of whether they are alive or dead – and if they have been murdered. But again, that won’t be the final twist as more characters are pulled in. 

‘As the story heads for a big peak in coming weeks, more than one person may be staring death in the face.’

The question is, who will survive Ray’s reign of terror? And can Coronation Street be saved from his warped plans?

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